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Hello everyone,
I took a lot of photos over the past years. So one day I decided to combine it with my second hobby, the "demoscene".

The demoscene is a bunch of computer geeks, who enjoy creating programs, art and music (if you want to know more about it, take a look at So I gathered some friends and we started working on a "demo". A friend of mine created a music track and another one helped me coding a 3D-Engine powering our graphics. Two lolitas helped me editing the photos: harlyharlekin nd bellaoscurita. It took us altogether two month to create the final piece but in the end we were quite pleased. I traveled to "Evoke" (a German demo-party) and showed it around.

Here is the video capture of our demo on youtube, hope you enjoy watching:

The lolitas in the video are arashi_san88 bellaoscurita hana_nikki immortal0phelia juliobscure katze86 ladymakochan sweetbaiser xfanux
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