Rose Kingdom (unusual_alice) wrote in egl,
Rose Kingdom

My Small and Odd Wardrobe!

Last time I posted, it was lots of pink and I had been working on it for a while, but last year I sold it all and started again! It's not a very large collection, and I have close to no accessories, but hopefully I can work on it a little more this year :)

Btssb Velvet OP and Aatp Angelica JSK

AP Imai Kira Ballerina Print JSK and Metamorphose Dim Light JSK

Btssb Border Print OP and Btssb ??? JSK

AP Holy Night Story OP and Btssb Trick or Treat JSK

AP Candy Fairy OP (which was a gift from a friend!) and AP ??? Strawberry JSK

IW Bertille Rose JSK and IW Emmelina JSK

AP Candy Treat JSK and a Handmade JSK I made a while ago! The next few dresses are also handmade, it's really rewarding making your own clothes!

Creepy Bear Face JSK and Yellow Strawberry JSK (Both handmade)

Forest Birds OP and Snowy OP (both handmade)

Btssb Red Riding Hood JSK and a pretty dress I found at an OP shop!

There were all gifts from my friend who is moving up to the middle of the Aussie desert, so he won't be able to wear them :(

BPN coat, Bodyline coat, and PN vest

I'm not really a skirt collector,so my collection is very small!

Handmade floral skirt, h.naoto frill skirt, and AP Melty Chocolate Mini skirt

Offbrand, Btssb Cutsew, Bodyline Cardigan, MILKLIM hoodie

DreamV cutsew, Meta cutsew, Meta blouse, and Btssb Blouse

AP Bolero, Dear Celine Bolero, thrifted and altered Cardigan

My small accessories collection! The two hats are hand decorated, the parasols are btssb and aatp, the scarf is btssb, the black bow is AP, the white is IW, the two ivory bows are AP, the b/w headdress is btssb, the blue was a gift, the black choker is for the velvet OP and both pairs of socks are meta!

AP Boston Bag, AP polka dot bag, Btssb clock bag, and a bag I found OP shopping

Just my small shoe collection! The white boots are DreamV, the cream ones are Forever New, the brow and blue shoes with bows are bodyline, the brown in the far back are DreamV, the black heels are antainai, the red shoes are bodyline, and the flower heels I found in an OP shop

That's pretty much it, I hope you enjoyed looking, and I hope next time I post I have a few more things to add!
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