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Hey everyone!

The So-Cal lolita community will be hosting a lolita fashion show called
"Dolly House Runway" on March 3rd, 2013 @ The University of Irvine.  All are invited to attend.

Dolly House Runway is an upcoming fashion show presented
by the Southern California lolitas. The event will host Californian
lolita designers along with their dresses & accessories which will
be worn by our dolly models. ♥ The event will be completely doll-housed
themed so wear your best dolly wear!

We aim to have a great time and see old faces as well as new! Updates
will be added to the website as time goes on, so please keep yourself posted.

Tickets are available on the Dolly website.  We're having an early bird discount right now!


Hope to see you there!

Links of interest:
facebook event
dolly house website

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