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Lucky Pack Opening/Wardrobe Post!

Hi everyone! I havent posted here in a long time (if ever to the main community...) But Im here to show what I got for my Meta Lucky Pack and my (rather modest) 2013 wardrobe. So this is really really image heavy, sorry!

So Ill go ahead and start with my lucky pack... Meta is my all time favorite brand, so I try not to skip too many lucky pack releases. <3

It was packaged very neatly in a meta shopping bag with the shipping label.

Meta Opening 1

And inside... Another shopping bag! Wao!

Meta Opening 2

I got the dark pack and was very surprised to see this print, but very happy! Ive liked it for a long time. Im happy with the socks too, they are just lovely.

Meta Opening 3

...aaaand the bloomers/headdress. Honestly Im a little.. Disappointed? They are quite thin and feel flimsy. I guess they are meant for summer? The headdress is very cute, but its bright pink and I was hoping for jewelry.

Meta Opening 4

And the blouse. Made out of the same flimsy cotton as the bloomers, but its cute and fits well.

Last Meta Opening

And that was my pack! Im very excited for the skirt, but I would have preferred a different headdress/accessory, and the bloomers are only so-so. Oh well.

And now to...

My Wardrobe! (wao! golly!)


All Meta: Flocky Rose, Popping Ballon, Telephone Print, Detective Poodle (a dream item!) and the print from the lucky pack, dont know the name?

BPN, h.naoto (jelly), h.naoto (hangry and angry), h.naoto (hangry and angry)

BTSSB Border Print, Alice and the Pirate Beauty and the Rose Promise

Bodyline punk plaid, Bodyline Princess Birdcage (or whatever), AP Royal poodle (my only AP clothing.. haha), Bodyline Alice Card Print, Bodyline Sailor Skirt

thereasoniamnotaseamstrees Skirt (handmade), handmade (not by me), handmade (not by me)

On to my tops! I dont know the names of any of these, so Ill just post brand... Sorry.

All Meta


h.naoto (hangry and angry), Peace Now, h.naoto for PLUS (anarchy I think?), h.naoto (hangry and angry)

Bodyline, Bodyline, Bodyline, Anna House, Sweet Angel, Bodyline

Lipservice, Charlotte Russe, offbrand, Charlotte Russe

My (very short list of) outerwear!

My beloved Hell Bunny jacket! Its hard to see details from my camera phone but its beautiful.

And now to the dresses!

Meta Twinkle Journey, Meta March of the Ducks, Meta Honey Picnic, Meta Birthday Print (???)

IW Teddy Bear Print (another dream item..), BTSSB Poodle Dress, BTSSB Tulip Dress, BTSSB Cherries Dress

Chantilly (love ;_;), h.naoto bunny and clocks dress, h.naoto angry dress

Bodyline, Bodyline, Bodyline Cakes Dress, Bodyline IW Replica

Rose Melody (I wish the detail came out.. its gorgeous), Bodyline pink monster of destruction, VR Replica

And now... Socks!

Starting from the top... Wet Seal, Secret Shop, Bodyline, Bodyline, Handmade (not by me), Offbrand, Secret Shop
Row 2: Bodyline, Offbrand, Nick and Noma (???), BTSSB, BTSSB, rest are Meta... And my only other piece of AP.


Meta, Meta, Meta, F+F, handmade (not by me and they are awesome)


What I like to call "lets all laugh at monchys weird and uncute petticoats, except the ITS one which is kinda okay I guess". I also like the first one, its made of chiffon and so soft <3

(my sad little collection of) Shoes!

Ling Laim, Bodyline, Bodyline, An*Tai*Na, Bodyline, Offbrand super cool cowboy boots but not really things


Bodyline, Offbrand, Bunny purse is handmade (not by me), Tiny Purse with no use is offbrand, Wet Seal


I just took a picture of my earring hanger instead of doing them all individually... The black ones are Hangry and Angry, otherwise offbrand.


Oooooo-kay. There is a lot of stuff here, so Im going to kinda go in a row and if you have questions please ask. It will be like a scavenger hunt! Fun, right?

Bonnet is handmade by me, Meta, BTSSB, Bodyline, HK, F21, Bodyline
Meta, Handmade (not by me), Offbrand, Etsy, Offbrand, Meta, Bodyline, Bodyline, Cinnamoroll
Meta, Offbrand, Mcdonalds, Mcdonalds
Etsy, Handmade (not by me), Handmade (not by me)


Um there is some ETC... An AATP mini mini crown, offbrand bat wing arm warmers, an IW pin... Everything else is offbrand.

Wao! This was way longer than I thought. Thanks for sitting through it and I hope you have a great day!

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