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4th-Jan-2013 07:34 pm - My first wardrobe post! ^w^

Hi there! ^v^
This is my first wardrobe post, I hope you like it!

Let's start with the dresses.

Fan+Friend, Fan+Friend, Baby the Stars shine bright

Baby the Stars shine bright, Innocent World, Baby the stars shine bright

Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty

Bodyline, Metamorphose

Maxicimam, Baby the Stars shine bright, Baby the Stars shine bright

Bodyline, Bodyline, Fan+Friend

Now my 2 skirts. XD

Baby the stars shine bright, Bodyline


Bodyline, Fan+Friend, Fan+Friend


And my only black one, I can't believe it. XD

Cardigans, vests, etc.

all offbrand

except one, can you guess it? XP

Bags and accessoires:
(If you are interessted in details, feel free to ask)

I hope you enjoyed it, have a nice day! ^v^
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