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4th-Jan-2013 06:52 pm - Wardrobe Post 2013
cute tsune

Hello Dears,

Here is my Stocktake Wardrobe Post for this year
(The post from last year you can find here )
(my wardrobe changed a little bit to last year ... got some new dress... and i've sold some old Dress)

This is my actual Lolita - Wardrobe ....... space anymore D: ... i need a bigger appartment xD
(and the Top of my Lolita Wardrobe is the sleepingplace for my Cat)


*HMHM "chandelier JSK" * Angelic Pretty "Illumination Ribbon OP"

*Dear Celine Chiffon JSK *Baby the stars shine bright "Alice Chess JSK" (1st version)

*Alice and the Pirates "Victorian Cards JSK green" * Baby the stars shine bright "Velveteen royal antique JSK green"

*Atelier Pierrot OP * Alice and the Pirates "Relief Print OP"

*Baby the stars shine bright "Tiara Gobeline", "rose boudoir JSK" and "Antoinette Bouquet JSK"

*Alice and the Pirates "Vampire Requiem" (my Holy grail!) and "Vampire Forest" (modified OP)

*Alice and the Pirates "Gathered Chiffon" and "Chain Bouquet" JSK

* Baby the stars shine bright "Paris Window" (it was my first Brand Dress) and "Pocket Embroidery" (1st Version)


right to left: *Bodyline * Metamorphose *Handmade (short black velvet bloomers) * Alice and the Pirates

*Baby the stars shine bright "Antoniette Bouquet" * Bodyline

Alice and the Pirates "Alex Pants" (I'm not sure with the name) and "Preservation Pants"

* Alice and the pirates (Velvet and pinstripe version)

*Alice and the Pirates "Mercurius Pants" *Vampire Symphony "Ice Price" pants


both Metamorphose

*handmade * Bodyline

*Alice and the Pirates (Corset with lace) *Offbrand

*Vampire Symphony "Ice Price Vest" and "Blue Rose Waistcoat"

*Baby the stars shine bright Spring Trenchcoat *Metamorphose Bunny Blouse (pink) and Angelic Pretty blouse (white)


*Bodyline * Offbrand

*Baby the stars shine bright * Innocent World


*offbrand and *handmade

*Metamorphose * Offbrand


*New Yorker


*Innocent World (white bow), *Vampire Symphony

1. row: *handmade * AatP * Bodyline * Vampire Symphony
2. row: *offbrand * handmade *AatP * Vampire Symphony
3. row *offbrand * Aatp

1. *HMHM * H&M
2 * Btssb * Aatp (modified Vampire Forest fabric)
3. * Btssb * Aatp
4 *Btssb * Btssb
5. *Bodyline

left to right: *Btssb * AatP * AatP * Secret Shop *Secret Shop *Bodyline * Bodyline *Clairs

left to right: *Bodyline *Innocent World * Secret Shop * Secret Shop *offbrand *Bodyline

all handmade (Red tricorn *Vampire Symphony) much Jewelry @-@

*Primark *Lisbeth Dahl * Lisbeth Dahl

Batbag and Schoolgbag: Bodyline, big heart Bag H&M rest offbrand

*baby the stars shine bright * btssb * Offbrand

my vintage fur (you don't like real fur? please dont click here)

Items in work:

03.01.13 - 1
classic "old Rose" JSK

still waiting: 1229OP95_1
*Angelic Pretty "Chocola-chan goes out" JSK

Thank you for looking :)


The Cat of Doom loves Vampire Requiem D:

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