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Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Lucky Packs (Little Lady Sets)
The coat on the left is fantastic! It's something I would never buy outright, but now that I have it I love it!
The cardigans are OK, I'm definitely selling the pink one - I really dislike pink.

Cute, simple tote bag. Can't have enough of those!

Head pieces. The two on top are really fancy. I haven't decided which one I want to keep since I feel they are really similar.
Originally, when I saw the mint bow I immediately taught sell because I don't have anything in mint, but then I got a mint blouse as well, so I feel like I can pull them together for a coord.

I have always wanted those see-through type of socks! I am really happy I got a pair in black - the pair in blue are particularly lovely as well.
Definitely selling the pink pair, and the other solid pairs are good for basic every day outfits.

Biggest disappointment was in the skirt group from the BtSSB packs. I think the red, white, and blue skirt is rubbing off on me, but Pas de Deux and Chocolat a la Mode are straight to the sales post for me.

Definitely got very lucky on my jumper skirts! The velvet dress is gorgeous, and the brown dress has teal dots, which I love. The black x white dress is very similar to a red x white dress I had a long time ago, but sold off because it was too Sweet. I am glad it's back in my life in a dark tone!

Fully shirred mint blouse, which is definitely growing on me, the striped blouse is fantastic - but really small, so I have to see if I can alter it, and the white blouse is the standard blouse with the BtSSB logo.

Metamorphose Lucky Packs (Dark Color)
Love all the socks! All match my current wardrobe - nice and dark!

Bloomers are bloomers - can't have enough and it doesn't matter what color they are!

The first skirt is really pretty - definitely can wear to work since it's so subtle. The brown skirt came with a matching tote bag, so now I want create a coordinate around it. The last one is like a blue/purple - it is something I would need to put in a casual coordinate.

The first two blouse are the same, just different colors, and the red blouse has coat tails! It's so cool. Love it :)

The bow was pretty cheap - I was really disappointed with that accessory. The tote bag was nice, and the necklace is really pretty!
I really enjoy 90% of my items - I think I got really lucky! I'm selling my stuff on the comm sales, but I can't link it, so use your find / replace function XD
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