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All the cool kids are doing it... (Meta Lucky Pack Post) 
3rd-Jan-2013 05:38 pm
I ordered 3 LPs from the recent sale (A dark and light for myself, and a dark for a local girl in the comm) and I think it's safe to say we were both very happy with what arrived!

Dark LP 1

This looks to be a LP version of "Masquerade Lady" and comes with a matching pair of... well, I don't want to call these bloomers. Cropped pants, maybe? They are much nicer than the regular bloomers (and rang in at a much high cost, which is why this LP didn't have socks.) This also came with a black blouse (didn't take it out of the pack as it's not mine) and a small hairclip which seems to have been common in the packs.

Dark LP 2

My pack came with an LP version of Blooming Garden (I think.) This made me ecstatic because I had been seriously considering the JSK version (in this colorway, even) but I wasn't in love with the actual border print part. Well problem solved! Have all of the flowers with none of the architecture. XD I wore this skirt out today and I'm loving it. This also came with a rather sweet bracelet featuring some heart beads and gold embellishments, including a charm with the meta logo. I got a pink blouse which is very cute, and would honestly be stunning with the skirt, but it's too small for me, so I'll be selling it. Some fun socks that have a crown motif on them. I think they're special enough that I might keep them (Meta's OTKs are actually OTKs on me) but haven't decided just yet.

Light LP

The light LP was a total surprise for me for a variety of reasons. I wasn't expecting something in this color palette- and to be absolutely honest, I didn't even know this print existed! I had to do a little digging to discover it was the "Moonlight Night" print. (And then I had an old school Sailor Moon giggle...) I love this skirt for a variety of reasons. Since it's not a print I knew existed (and it's sort of different from what's in my closet) I wouldn't have sought it out on my own, but now that it's in my hands, I love it! I need to do a little tinkering to find a top I can wear with it, but I'm excited to do so! This came with a very fine necklace that has some sort of gold tone lacey looking pieces, and pale pink beads. The blouse again, would match very well with the skirt if it fit me, but alas, it will have to find a new home. :) The Socks are also cute, "Swan and Polka Dot" - but don't go with anything I have so they're also going to have to get adopted.

All in all, I'm very happy with the packs, and I look forward to ordering more in the future. This was my first LP experience and it went super well! Yay!
3rd-Jan-2013 11:40 pm (UTC)
I love the Masquerade Lady and Moonlight Night skirts! Awesome haul!
3rd-Jan-2013 11:53 pm (UTC)
It worked out very well. I wasn't sure how to decide what skirts we would get from the Dark LP, but I actually have the regular version of Masquerade Lady so it was easy!
3rd-Jan-2013 11:52 pm (UTC)
Is moonlight night in ivory or grey?
I didn't think it came in grey but it's gorgeous *u*
4th-Jan-2013 12:16 am (UTC)
I apologize for the poor picture quality. The skirt is ivory, the print in gold!
4th-Jan-2013 01:25 am (UTC)
Ah, no worries! I thought it might have been my monitor. Shame it was never made in grey though, would have been lovely!
4th-Jan-2013 12:43 am (UTC)
So cool! I've only seen Moonlight Night in the dark colorways. The muted colors and the darker lace are really lovely and unique! Love the boldness of the Masquerade Lady print, too. And you can't go wrong with bittersweet florals!

Sorry none of your blouses fit. ;^; Try doing a DT/WTT for L/LL blouses? I unloaded most of my too-big size L/LL tops that I got in LPs (except a sax blue IW cutsew, which unfortunately won't help you) and got the M ones I needed that way. Good luck!
4th-Jan-2013 06:07 am (UTC)
That's so gorgeous!! Lovely LP!
4th-Jan-2013 11:13 am (UTC)
Your packs are amazing! I wish I had gotten one now. I love Moonlight Night!
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