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Hi everyone
My LP from Meta finally arrived this afternoon
I ordered the Light version
This may be the best 10500 yen i have ever spent 
First LP and i am loving it :)
Will definitely order again

I received in my LP
- a long sleeved blouse (white)
- bloomers (white)
- necklace (gold)
- OTK socks (mint)
- Skirt (offwhite)

100% cotton
it has obvious wrinkles since its cotton but a slight ironing will fix that :)
this is my first cotton blouse and my first peter pan collar blouse
i own mostly chiffon blouses and there is a huge difference between the two
cotton is much easier to care for

pictured here are the bloomers, necklace, OTK  socks and skirt
the bloomers are 100% cotton and white as well 
I like the strawberry OTK mint socks i recieved, very hard to match, though
the print on the skirt is Meta's 'Brilliant Princess' in the offwhite colorway

closeup on the necklace
i am not entirely sure what the pendant is.... any ideas?

close up on print

Well, thats it! 
Thanks for looking. :)

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