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While searching around different Indie brands and places to comission lolita items, I ran across Mystery Garden, a lolita indie brand of sorts that operates off of Facebook.(link: )

The page doesn't have as many likes as some of the other brands I've seen, such as Lady Sloth, and I can't seem to find many reviews on them (I saw one in French, but it was difficult for me to see the craftsmanship on the black dress in the video, and I don't speak French at all). Other than the review in French, I haven't seen any other reviews for them because my Google-fu has failed me.

However, the peices in the pictures the brand itself has posted seem well enough made, and the fact that they offer custom sizing is a must for me (I'm taller and plus-sized). I want to have an idea of the quality of Mystery Garden's items before I purchase. In particular, I'm looking at one of their OPs, but any idea of the quality of their items would be much appreciated.
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