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15th-Dec-2012 02:23 am - Classical Puppets Fukuburo.
Classical Puppets from Taobao has Christmas Lucky Packs going for 168RMB each.

It may not be as big news as Btssb LPs, but I thought some people may be interested. 

The contents:

1 petticoat (can be organza or cotton*, colour chosen at random, could be “daily” or “superpoofy”)
1 pair of bloomers (at absolute random)
and “n” pieces of miscellaneous little items.

Apparently Classical Puppets ever released fukuburos in the past and this lucky pack is a repeat.

*their “cotton petticoats” usually mean it’s a cotton underskirt

Here is the photo they put up for their LP...pity though, most SSes in China are probably asleep now =X
I don't know if the LP is limited edition or they will keep producing pettis and bloomers as long as people are filling up orders. There is no mention on whether stock is limited.

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