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13th-Dec-2012 12:05 pm - BTSSB : Memorial Series overload!

To quote go_slow_ly in a previous post ( : "the only thing you can't get is a crazy print JSK"

... I wonder if this is why BTSSB has been going nuts over releasing a lot of their older prints in different cuts. I can't be the only one that was surprised by the sudden influx! Check it out!




I hope I didn't miss any, but here's the listing of the prints they rereleased:

(-) Princess Honey's Tea Salon
(-) Marie Antoinette
(-) Antoinette Bouquet
(-) Alice and Her Black Cat
(-) Mother Goose
(-) Slow Motion Bouquet
(-) Usakumya's Dressy Sweet Time
(-) Sugar Bouquet
(-) Twinkle Dreaming Princess
(-) Parisienne's Princess Drop
(-) Alice in Funfair
(-) Chess Alice
(-) Mary in the Sky with Candies

I'm especially pleased that they decided to add Marie Antoinette into the mix! What other older prints do you wish they would re-release in their memorial series? Personally, mine is the Cinderella print.

I think there was a rerelease of AatP's Masquerade Theater, but from what I heard it was either tea party/in store only.



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