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Are all Men pedophiles? Do you find the film clip more insulting than the poster? (clip inside)

A while ago we were brought to our attention the documentary "Are all Men pedophiles?". While the subject may or may not interest everyone on a personal educational level, what really threw us off was the use of a lolita on one of their movie posters.

It has been a while now and one can easily find the film online (much to the dismay of the filmmaker who charges $30 for the 70 minute DVD). I took on the film maker's offer to watch the film and not make "wild assumptions". I have picked out and uploaded the "section about Japanese culture" that the film maker said is the reason why there is a lolita on one of the posters. Unlike other sections of the film that study the subjects of The Church, US fashion/model industry and so on, the section on Japan is... one minute long. Does he offer enough information about the subject in that minute?
You decide:Collapse )
Tags: community: lolita in the media, media: lolita in the media, media: tv/movie/theater/radio
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