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13th-Dec-2012 10:23 pm - J-Fest in Moscow
Just over a week ago quite interesting event called J-Fest was held in Moscow.
It is dedicated to various sides of Japanese culture including lolita fashion as well (and it was at about the same time as International Lolita Day this year).
On Saturday Gothic&Lolita festival made special fashion show there and on Sunday there was the best lolita outfit contest.
I would like to share photos with you, so if you are interested, let`s go)

Special fashion show and backstage photos.

j-fest (26)

We have video too.

Outfit contest (not so many photos here).

Takamasa Sakurai is special guest and host of fashion shows every year.

Thanks for the photos JustMoolti, Iglaness and Max Ammosov.
And thank you for watching!
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