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13th-Dec-2012 11:16 pm - Barrettes - How to get them to stay?
Hi lolitas ^^
Just a quick question.

I recently bought an AP barrette (polkadot chocolate to be exact) and am finding it difficult to clip on the top of my head so it'd be in a similar position to what a headbow on a headband would be. I try to slide it under as much hair I can, but it just ends up slipping off if I move. It doesn't help that I have quite fine hair.
Has anyone got any tips for wearing barettes in this style? Is there a good way to attach it to a headband or something that will hold it there? Are there other nice ways you can wear a barette? So far I've only been able to wear it on the back of my head clipped around a decent amount of hair.

Thanks a lot! <3
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