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Summa Injuria --
Hello, I'm finally ready to make my first 'brand' purchase. Since I have a bigger bust, I decided I'll get (or at least try to get) the Angelic Pretty 'Dream Fantasy' salopette set for the stated reason. The problem is, I tried to get a LP last year with no luck as they sold out instantly. I'm wondering if I should get a shopping service since they're accepting reservations since tomorrow at noon on the Japanese online store, or if I should just try to purchase one again from the online AP-SF store. I know it'll be more expensive to get a shopping service due to fees and shipping, so I'd also like to ask what are usual the usual costs of these services.

I also have another question regarding Lucky Packs. Sometimes I see them being re-sold here at the comm sales, both individually and whole. In case I get mine and it doesn't fit, can I ask how are the pieces sold separately? I'm almost sure the salopette will fit, with the cutsew I'm not so sure. I don't think it'd be fair to sell it at a regular cutsew price given it didn't cost the same.

I'm sorry if these questions have been answered but I didn't find anything in the memories or tags and I didn't dare to use the comm-sales page to ask this.

(I know this is lame and almost impossible, but is there a specific time LPs are posted or released, or do you refresh your browser desperately? I know I did!)

Thanks in advance!
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