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11th-Dec-2012 07:30 pm - Does anyone own this BABY JSK?
Hello. Since I finally have a job I want to spoil myself and finally buy my first brand JSK. I'm really interested in buying a JSK that I happened upon while window shopping BABY's site. I've heard really good things about their sizing too and am curious if anyone owns this JSK. I would love to see how it looks worn. 

This is the link to the JSK

I fell in love with the fabric. I got so excited to see the little white marks were stars! Plus it's my size! I couldn't find it on HelloLace so I'm guessing it's fairly new to the site. And I love to hear your options on the colors. Which do you like? I'm leaning towards the NavyXOff-white but am sort of liking the white one now. 

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