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4th-Dec-2012 05:51 am - What to buy for a Lolita?
As the general theme for December is already Gifts I can only hope my question is appropriate. My serious girlfriend is a Lolita. Do you have any gift ideas that a boyfriend could get for a Lolita, without giving her any kind of hint at all? I'd like it to be a complete surprise. So is there anything clever enough that almost any Lolita would like, and they probably don't already have? Money is not really an object, but I wouldn't want to make her feel the need to reciprocate by spending too much.

I know a little about her likes and interests, but obviously enough I can't share them here, as she could read this. But if you have any suggestions and suggestions on what sort of Lolita might like it, I would adore your help! <3
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