Fuyumi_Aya (fuyumi_aya) wrote in egl,

Would this be thrifty or just trashy?

This may make some of you cringe at just this thought, but oh well.  I'll keep this very short.

I'm poor.  Yes, a lot of us are poor, but I'm pretty much at "Can't pay bills" poor.  It has been my dream for years to own a proper lolita dress (I am mostly a fan of classic!), but of course, one cannot afford 300 dollars in clothes for a single outfit.  Anyways, I live in a very old house that my Great-Grandmother lived in since she was able to own her own with her husband.  (Built in `32).

 Anyways, she has collected over the years a plethera of moderate-high quality bedsheets (GASP!), and since she no longer lives here and...I want a dress, and I'm not using these sheets, do you think it would be acceptible to turn them into dresses, skirts, etc?  Or is that a crime against fashion?
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