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Mismatched Headbows? Yes or No

Hi all. I just recently got a JSK that didn't come with a matching headbow and I can't seem to find any matching headpieces to such an obscure colour. So I was wondering, what do you ladies usually wear on your head if you are put in a situation like this?

Do you think a headbow that matches a colour of one of the item on the print (e.g blue headbow to match the blue jelly on a lavender AP Jewelry Jelly jsk, pink headbow to match pink teaparties on a lavender jsk) would be a yay or a nay?

Will a headbow from a different print match or clash with your outfit?

If I'm going OTT Sweet, can I have a myriad of colours (i.e pinks,blues,yellows) on my hair to match the colours of the print?

Photos as references would be appreciated!
Tags: *angelic pretty, beauty: hair/wigs, garment: headwear, request: inspiration, request: photos
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