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13th-Nov-2012 06:14 pm - Doing a lolita video project...
Hi everyone, I'm doing a video project based on lolita. I wanted to talk about different topics within lolita. This won't be a public video, I'm going to be turning it into my instructor. I will be starting off saying what lolita fashion is, the history of it (Victorian era), and then the mentioning of brands. I want to talk about the fashion - I don't care much for the lifestyle, but maybe I should mention some things about it? So I will be mentioning different styles - sweet, hime, gothic, classic (those are the main ones?) and then some of the brands - AP, BtSSB, Moi Meme, Innocent World. As well as some Western brands - Annahouse, Sweet Rococo (don't know any others).

Please give me some advice? What are some suggestions I should use other than that to incorporate into my video?

Also, what are some links to some popular lolita blogs? I know of Parfait Doll. Do brands like Angelic Pretty or BtSSB have their own blogs? Misako Aoki?
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