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'How could this OP be so comfy? The measurements say it should be really snug!'

'I look AWESOME in head-dresses!'

'This petticoat is enormous! ...I like it!'

'Holy cow, I look taller in tiered skirts!'

'I thought I hated wigs, how come this one suits my face so nicely?!'

Everyone has had a moment of pleasant surprise in this fashion, whether it be because a pastel wig suited your skin tone perfectly, or hit the jackpot on closet-child, or that first time you took a gamble in a brand new style. Why not share yours?

Mine came this morning when I tried on my first bonnet, after spending nearly three days perfecting the pattern, scraping together enough material for it, and sewing it together. After being told outright that my face was 'too fat' for them, I was more than a little anxious over making one at all. It just took one look in the mirror to blow me away, though. I looked ADORABLE. I LOVED IT. I couldn't stop staring at myself in the mirror. I had never had a piece of head-wear highlight my features so well. The rounded shape accentuated my cheeks and short hair, and disguised my chin. I was unbearably cute, and I didn't think I could have been to begin with.

My first bonnet, made of interfacing, curtains, and old bedsheets, was a total success, and I looked incredible in it. I took a gamble, and it was SO WORTH IT.

Ok, I'm done. Your turn!

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