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Hey! As this is my first post to the community (and first post on LiveJournal), I'm sorry if I do something wrong ^^''
I'm Layla from the Netherlands, pleasure to meet you ~ I've been lurking on the net and reading and observing for about a year, and I have been lurking on this comm as well :3 You know, looking at outfits and such, researching brands, and the basic structure of an outfit, so that I'm well informed when I start.  I currently do not have the possibility to be one, but as soon as I am able to I will! :D

Which gets me to the following question: Is there any local community here in the Netherlands? I've visited the Dutch Elegant Lolita page, but that one is kinda dead unfortunately. I'm just curious so when I get the chance to dress Lolita I can hopefully meet up with some others ^^

Oh! That reminds me. In my hometown (Apeldoorn) I was walking outside around Americahal where Boekenfestijn was being held, and I saw a Sweet Lolita on a bike. I thought it was best not to talk to her, especially as she was.. well.. riding a bike (I was walking and crossing the road there) and it looked like she was in a hurry. I was delighted though to see that it seemed like there were Lolitas near me. Perhaps.. if you recognize yourself in this story, let me know? ^^

Anyways, have a good day I guess ;P

- Layla
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