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jsk, lolita dress
My new Dolly JSK Dress and matched haedbow arrived last sunday and i could not wait to wear it on. I wish it was sunny last sunday so i could take some pics with sunshine. Unfortunately, it was not, so i can only take indoor pics.

Not sure whether i look nice on this new Dolly JSK. Just wanna share here so maybe you could help me to give some suggestions or comments.  ^_^

My new jsk dress

This is a ivory dolly jsk (just a replica, but i like it). My lovely dolly ivory jsk, headbow and black dots stocking and black lolita shoes.

new jsk ivory

I prefer my side view. I am only 158cm tall, from the side view, it seems i had longer legs. :)

new jsk back side
This is the back view. Two sides shirring back which could allow much flexibility!

This time i worn a nice quality petti so it could give a good support to this new dolly jsk. :) But i am sorry since it was not sunny so i did not have my black blouse worn but only the Black thick T-shirt on me. I believe a black blouse could make my outfit look nicer?

What's your suggestion?

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