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12th-Nov-2012 08:06 pm - Lolita and parents?

Hello, fellow rufflies~<3  A little help here...?  ono

Anyhow, I'm a 14-year-old girl who absolutely adores lolita.  After much convincing I finally was able to get one JSK from Chess Story as a gift from my grandmother(which my mother had to give her permission for.)  My mom absolutely hates Lolita and thinks I look ridiculous and "like a fat tank" in it.  But I'm not here to complain about her; rather, I'm attempting to achieve a happy medium between the two of us and our tastes.

And, well, that's the part that's complicated. 

I've been trying to convince her that Lolita isn't bad for goodness knows how long.  She wants me to dress "normally," as she puts it, and detests things that aren't cookie-cutter, everyday styles of fashion.  She also doesn't hold modesty in nearly any esteem.  As long as the bare minimums of me are covered, she could care less as to what else was showing.  Because I'm generally not comfortable in clothes that expose myself and whatnot, we've had a number of heated arguments over it.  If anyone has any advice about trying to convince her to allow me to wear things, it would be greatly appreciated.  I'm alright with just about any kind of Lolita, but I'm mostly into Classic, country, Gothic, and Shiro/Kuro.  I also like military style, but the chances of me having any sometime soon are close to zero ^^;.  I've tried to show her pictures of people's coords (never OTT) and she usually just comments about how ugly they are and how it is a costume.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!  Thanks~<3

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