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I am looking at doing a pile of sewing after christmas this year, to boost my lolita closet and fill my need for dream prints that I didnt have the money to buy at the time. I've been stockpiling some fabric designs on spoonflower, and thought I would ask what designs people like at the moment.

Im looking at getting:

I really like the JetJ jumperskirts with the black bodice and print skirts, so I am looking at mostly making skirts and wearing them with a plain black dress I have that has the most amazing lace sleeves. But there will be a few that I make into JSKs. I would also love to design some disney inspired prints, after seeing the Disney anniversary prints released lately :)

So, what fabrics do you like? Anything you saw from a designer that you couldnt afford, but found similar fabric to? Or anything that just screams "make a skirt from me!!!"?
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