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11th-Nov-2012 09:28 pm - Makeup In (And Out?) of Lolita

When I take pictures of myself in Lolita coordinates and put them online I get a fairly complicated suggestion:
"You're so pretty, but try and use some makeup to complete your outfit."

As I get more serious about dressing elegantly in my day to day life, I find myself asking a fairly complicated question:
"How do you use makeup?"
I am 19 and it's safe to say I've never put on makeup by myself in my entire life. At least- if I did, I didn't go outside with it on because I looked like an overly excited 6 year old in their mother's makeup bag. And that was like.... a month ago. Basically what I'm saying is that I could pull off the "Boyfriend does my makeup" meme without needing my boyfriends help at all.

I'm not saying my mom put on my makeup every day before school, I'm saying I only wear makeup on special occasions, like weddings or other formal events. And in those times I get someone else to do it, because I would have no idea what I was doing.

So I look up tutorials online, and find a lot of beautiful Lolita makeup tutorials... but they seem to think you know the basics, even that you know advanced things.
So I look up basic makeup tutorials online, and they seem to think I'm a 10-12 year old girl.

So, not only could you give me your favorite Lolita makeup tutorials, but maybe give your favorite makeup tips. Your favorite makeup videos- regardless of fashion. Your favorite.... beginner makeup tutorials? Even the ones for 10-12 year old girls seem to assume you know what you're doing. Or at least that I know the difference between foundation and concealer. Because honest- I don't.

Bonus questions: Is this going to take a lot of practice and a lot of makeup remover and time and effort to learn what I'm doing? Would it be better to get a friend to teach me in real life and make a night out of it instead of trying to follow youtube videos? Is learning makeup like learning a new language- it's easiest when you're young?

Super Bonus Discussion Question: What do you think about makeup's roll in Lolita?

Edit: Ahh, so much great advice! Thank you everyone, you made me feel more confident and let me know what I should try next. <3

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