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Help: Wig Company Comparisons? 
5th-Jul-2012 10:16 pm

As some of you might know, we started a bulk order shopping service called Gabal Spice. Many of you participated in our survey and we started our service April of this year with 2 successful bulk order shipments from gabalnara.

Gabalnara has been great to deal with. The CEO answers our calls promptly and their staff is extremely nice and helpful. If there is a mistake, they are quick to fix it with little complaint.

Gabal Spice Shopping Service is currently seriously considering delving into more wig companies such as Pinkage and Gabalmania (as suggested by a very thoughtful lolita customer).

Below are the companies we have personally called that we feel carry wigs that could work for lolita, however we'd like your opinion on some things! :)

Gabalmania   -

  • Wigs come in one size fits all with adjustable straps. 
  • Their prices a very similar to Gabalnara prices and they offer a similar deal for bulk order.
  • More color options per wig style

  • We are not 100% sure of the wig quality and if it's worth the money. Gabalnara has South Koreas best wig quality, so there was no doubting the cost involved.
  • It's not worth customers paying as much as they do for a gabalnara wig if the wigs are not guaranteed top quality.
  • Less people know of gabalmania, so we may not get enough customers?

Does anyone have a review of gabalmania's wigs? It would help to have a little feedback to see if it's worth purchase.


Pinkage -

  • Larger Selection
  • More people know of pinkage
  • Carry natural gradation skin wigs (Wigs with natural roots and a skin colored top between netting and wig hair for a natural look)

  • Their deal for bulk order is not good at all. We'd have to buy $4000+ worth of wigs at a time to get a bulk order deal.
  • Their price for their high quality wigs run as high as $80 a pop without adding international charge or shipping.
  • NOTE: However, if we have a LARGE amount of people wanting this brand, it could go well...
  • There's already an ebay seller with rights to Pinkage rights, so we'd be competing with their pricing (which is quite high) :(
  • They don't really negotiate returns/exchanges even if it's an error :/

Does anyone have a review of pinkage wigs? It would help to have a little feedback to see if it's worth purchase.



Gabalmania  VS Gabalnara VS Pinkage - Similar Best Seller

Gabalnara Whole Wig Gradation Skin
With Gradation Skin | Longer Hair | Most Body
Price: $80 (Including International Charge)

Gabalmania BonnyDolly
With Gradation Skin | Not as long as gabalnara wig
Price: $73 (Including International Charge)

Pinkage Barbie Holic
With Gradation Skin (Barely Visible)
Price: $82.17 (Including International Charge)


Any thoughts? Your comments will be greatly appreciated. Your opinions definitely matter.

Please vote on our poll here:

6th-Jul-2012 05:56 am (UTC)
Here is a tiny review for yew :)

I have this wig by pinkage
Its sorta like your other wigs.

It was one of the less costly wigs on their website, so I got it in mixed-lex dark brown. I think it ended up costing 75 cdn ish shipped.

It really is a beautiful realistic wig, and thick with minimal shedding. The processed it fast, same day next week I got my box. I never talked to anyone, so I cannot comment on their customer service. It came with a wig cap, wig stand, alligator clips, calender, two catalogs, and bobby pins.

The only con to it, is that they shoved a stupid plastic tag thing though the wig cap, and it got tangled in route to me. So a tiny portion of the side bang got frizzy. Its not noticeable or anything, but it makes it harder to detangle.

8th-Jul-2012 04:50 am (UTC)
Please remove the links to your shopping service anchor page and sales posts. Linking to your own online shops or sales of any kind is not permitted on EGL. Thank you!
8th-Jul-2012 05:20 am (UTC)
okay, will do :)
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