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Classical Puppets Bellshaped Petticoat Review

Hello EGL! I just made my first order on clobbaonline and I thought I'd share my review! I bought the Classical Puppet's bell-shaped petticoat in white. I highly recommend clobbaonline as a shopping service, things went very smoothly and I was very happy with the service and communication.

Date ordered: 6/6/12
Date shipped: 6/7/12
Date received: 6/25/12

The package! Just as pictured when they shipped it.
The petticoat within the package. It looks very small in the package, I was a bit nervous.
Fortunately it fluffed up a lot after it got out of the package! Here's me wearing it by itself. (please excuse how improper this is xD)
Company picture:

Now for the comparison shots:

Bodyline dress without a petticoat:
With the classical puppets petticoat:
With the classical puppets petticoat and a thin bodyline petticoat:


This is a really good quality petticoat, the organza feels really sturdy and I don't think I'll have to worry about deflation for a long time. The organza is very soft, and the lace along the bottom is also very soft and provides a nice edge in case the petticoat peeks out. I highly recommend it as a first/starting out petticoat. Also, I think clobbaonline is a great place to buy this petti from, but shopping services are a personal choice. Thanks for reading!

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