bluemoonbunny94 (bluemoonbunny94) wrote in egl,

The busty lolita?

Hey guys it's gabs again with a quick question 
I was poking around clobaoonline looking for something to maybe buy. I stumbled upon this little cutie
 also this jem; 
 the sizing on these two items for am extra large is 
Bust; 96cm 
Waist: 78cm
Length: 94cm (which makes me a little nervous I'm 5'4")
 But the real problem is with the bust measurements I'm 98-100cm around. I plan to lose weight but I've always been a little busty,I'd hate to have to alter everything because it doesn't fit my bust and is to big around the waist or not being able to buy certain things because it doesn't come in my size. 
 My question is how do other and more experienced lolitas deal with the certain sizing some brands have? Do you alter? How often to you alter? How often do you get disappointed when you just cant have it?

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