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South Korean Wigs: gabalnara Possible American seller *FINAL UPDATE*

Can I have everyone's opinion of something?

I know Americans don’t really have access to many South Korean high quality wigs. My korean roommate is planning on setting up a wig shop for American buyers who can’t buy them from:


However, she’s worried that people don’t have the money to buy it if she opens a stand at a convention or something? Korean quality is very high quality and not really cheap compared to Chinese sellers.

For example:


This is 89,000 won in krn = $79.14



This is 59,800 won = $53.14

If she ups the price by like $5-7 for the fact that she’s personally getting them and importing them (she'll probably have to pay a merchant fee), do you personally think it’s worth it?

I think she can appeal to a lolita crowd with a majority of the wigs, but do you think people would spend the money if they knew the quality? Normally, they’d have to go pay thru a shopping service and then pay international shipping ($15+ from korea).

If possible, if you have lolita friends, We’d like opinions and feedback. 

She would like to set up tables at anime conventions such as Otakon or Katsucon. Or even set up a pre-order service where people can just pick up the wigs at conventions. If anything, she'd even set up a blog or website for customers.

Please reply here or let me know how you feel here, or on my fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mir-Dominance-Cosplay/198988590132400

We need all the feedback we can get this year to determine whether or not she will buy the wigs when she goes back to South Korea this fall.

***UPDATE Based on feedback***

So, if she did an online website, she'd have to start shipping wigs as well. So the markup may be a little higher since we have to add the shipping fee which should only be about $3-4 more for US Postal Service. (So a total of maybe a $10 markup?)

We want to be able to give some sort of deal and not go over how much people normally pay for international shipping.

But I'm sensing that people feel more secure since they'll know the wig is already in the US and the shipping time is shorter?


So, we actually got in touch with the representative of gabalnara last night!!!!!

We were given the quota for actually doing this. We have to buy a certain stock amount and sell them within a month or month and a half in order for them to keep wanting to sell through us.  They actually have NO american sellers or dealers and the owner was shocked that Americans were so interested in purchasing. So definitely our first order will be a limited number of wigs to see if it sells well.  Our starting store has to be through ebay.  If it goes well, we'll have the funds to open a blog or official website.

This weekend, I will be back here to post a survey here on egl for votes on which wigs types are most popular so we can order wigs people will buy. There's no way we will be able to afford the entire website's selection since we're buying out of our own pockets.

We will also most likely take pre-orders for our first batch through ebay.  If you definitely have a wig you want, we can definitely reserve you a space in our first shipment and you'd just pay as a pre-order (if we have more people chip in the first order, it's less money we'd have to personally dish out and then later earn back.)  This way, as soon as we get the wigs, we can just ship directly to you.

IF this goes well, the owner will keep supplying us with wigs to keep the shop open. He seemed extremely interested in how this might go.

This will take time to sort out completely (about maybe a month or so until we have official clearance).  But it looks like my roommate will be doing this seriously.

Stay tuned for surveys and opinions. We need all the feedback we can get to make this happen!!

P.S. We've decided to drop pinkage because there are too many various quality complaints.  They seem to be hit or miss and we don't want to be responsible for customer complaints because it'll be difficult to return the product. Gabalnara has the BEST wig services in South Korea.

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