alligatorjuice (princess_eowyn) wrote in egl,

another mil**oo site?

or something just as bad?

ok, i just want to say i'm sick and tired of googling lolita items (in this case, i wanted to see the usual placement of lace on blouses) and ending up with links to *that* site, and their horribly photoshopped pictures.

so, is this them, or someone else doing the same thing? let's see, there's stolen, photoshopped pictures, mentions of buying wholesale from china, and they also do wedding dresses. i'd also guess several (many? all?) of the reviews are fake. the syntax used seems to be similar among many of the reviews, and incongruous with the supposed country of origin.

this is the first time i've seen this site, and it's not on the list, so i figured i'd ask. :)

mil**oo, mil**oo, go away, don't come back another day...
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