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Lolita Robots!

Sooo I was watching some television and look what I found guis! :D wooo~

I perused the memories and don't think anyone has caught this yet but there is a new show here in Sweden called "Äkta Människor" (Real Humans) it's about the not so distant future where it has become commonplace to own a life-sized humanesque robot to assist you in your day to day life.

You can watch it for free on SVTplay through their website. I don't know if it's geoblock'd to people outside of Sweden/Europe but I highly doubt it is. Sweden tends to be more lenient about those things compared to the US. Here's the link to the pilot episode

I will warn you though that there aren't any English subtitles that I can find :/ but check out the trailer! (unlike the episodes the trailer is subbed!)


Overall, the show is very much reminiscent of Chobits and I, Robot. I wouldn't be surprised if either didn't have a huge influence on the very concept of this show. So far I quite like it :D

In the first episode about 30 minutes in when the family is shopping for a new 'hubot' as they are called you can briefly spot some 'Lolita' robots in the background. It's too blurry to really make out what brand they're wearing but nevertheless it was fun seeing them :) so here are some screen grabs for you guys!


(You can see two of them behind the two human characters seen talking.)

(here you can actually see them on their sales display to the left. They're not mannequins! They're REAL PEOPLE but in the show they are 'hubots' aka robotic companions/assistants :p)

(here they are again but you can see what they're wearing slightly better but it's still blurry since they're filmed from a distant 'depth of field' shot. The weird 'ken doll' hubot to the left is creepy weird XD)

Sooo beyond that you really don't see any more of them. None of the main character hubots are seen sporting Lolita but I haven't seen past the pilot episode so one can hope! But sadly, I doubt they get more face time than this considering the tone of the show :/

Annnyways, I hope you enjoyed this! Yaaaay, I finally made my first post! :p did I do good? :D

PS. Like so many others have already pointed out in previous entries, tags are not loading ;A;

Tags: media: tv/movie/theater/radio
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March 4 2012, 20:05:21 UTC 2 years ago

Reminds me of Mitsukazu Mihara's "Doll" manga series... Don't know how I feel about that.


March 4 2012, 20:07:52 UTC 2 years ago

Sorry I should have elaborated. In "DOLL", robots wore lolita outfits, mostly, and were human assistants...


March 4 2012, 20:09:41 UTC 2 years ago



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March 4 2012, 20:21:25 UTC 2 years ago

Very Chobits-esque.


March 4 2012, 20:23:01 UTC 2 years ago

My thoughts exactly :p

A live action Chobits would be fun to see. This show is the closest I've seen to it, though.


March 4 2012, 20:33:06 UTC 2 years ago

Hahaha this sounds like a really bizarre series...

Funny that they snuck lolitas into a pilot episode! But I'm guessing it isn't the focus of the series, so it's just a fun little cameo, right? XD


March 4 2012, 20:37:14 UTC 2 years ago

Yes, I was surprisingly excited when I saw that little homage :D but the show itself is more of a darker action drama. So I don't think we will be seeing more of the Lolita hubots outside of just being cast as extras. But it was very fun to see :p

If I see any more throughout further episodes I will definitely post more screenshots n_n!


March 4 2012, 20:34:19 UTC 2 years ago

Maaaan now I wish I could watch the show (well, I could, but I mean I wish they were all subtitled) because it looks so interesting!

And it looks like they did a good job dressing the hubots. It's hard to tell from the screenshots, but they look great.


March 4 2012, 20:39:46 UTC 2 years ago

I'm actually not Swedish myself although I do live here. (Originally from Florida) but I understand most of what they're saying and it is very addicting :D

I like what they've done with it so far =3

I am sure it will become more popular and with demand I'm sure someone will eventually fandub it. I would myself but I haven't a clue how to properly do that XD I am a noob ;A;


2 years ago


March 4 2012, 20:38:58 UTC 2 years ago

Reminds me of Chobits and Doll. ^-^


March 4 2012, 20:42:07 UTC 2 years ago

Imma steal this from my swedish friends <3333 * A *


March 4 2012, 20:53:47 UTC 2 years ago

Lolita robots? I'll take a dozen! We can share a wardrobe.


March 4 2012, 21:55:59 UTC 2 years ago

Hoverloli inc


March 4 2012, 22:16:59 UTC 2 years ago

Actually, this was heavily inspired by Blade runner/Do androids dream of electric sheep?! The dresses were bought from some of the girls on the Swedish lolita forum :) As a sci-fi fan I love the idea of this show, but I can't abide the horrible Swedish acting (or lack thereof), so I only managed an episode or two... And I don't think there are any more lolita after the first.
This isn't the first time SVT uses lolita dresses, one of the main characters in sommarlovsmorgon last year wore Metamorphose, and one of the contestants in the Junior Eurovision a couple of years ago wore APs Fruits Parlor!


March 5 2012, 00:57:01 UTC 2 years ago

Yeah, the acting was a bit stale but I didn't mind it so much. It was cool enough to see Swedish TV churn out something original and especially that of scifi.

Almost every time I do get the chance to turn on the television they're always airing re-runs of That 70's Show or How I Met Your Mother ;A;

95% of Swedish TV is American/Canadian/UK imports XD

One thing I did like was the level of quality this show had compared to other Swedish sitcoms that tend to have such a degraded film quality AND atrocious acting that I'm usually brought to the assumption that SVT/TV6 randomly hands out 5,000kr and a script that was concocted during a drunken stupor to fame hungry college students and tells them to act silly in front of a camera for 20min. and labels that 'entertainment' :p

But then again America gave the world things like..."The Jersey Shore" so I can't really judge :/ haha


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March 4 2012, 23:37:00 UTC 2 years ago

This looks awesome!


March 5 2012, 01:22:25 UTC 2 years ago

Wow, this show really does look like Mitsukazu's manga... someone needs to sub it!


March 5 2012, 01:28:21 UTC 2 years ago

That's really cool! I wish this show could get translated so the rest of us can watch it!


March 5 2012, 01:37:40 UTC 2 years ago

Hope english subs come out soon. Kinda sounds like a interesting show.


March 5 2012, 02:07:33 UTC 2 years ago

Your post has been tagged. Only mods and designated taggers have access to tags on EGL.


March 5 2012, 03:02:46 UTC 2 years ago

totally remind me of chobits, i'm even more curious to see more!


March 5 2012, 03:57:49 UTC 2 years ago

This really reminds me of Doll, although I suppose since Blade Runner came first, it's probably closer to that.

According to Wikipedia, the English-language rights has been sold to Kudos Film Intelligent Company in the UK already, so maybe we'll get an English-speaking version sometime down the road?


March 5 2012, 10:31:16 UTC 2 years ago

I wish I could watch it, it looks very good!


March 5 2012, 15:34:49 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  March 5 2012, 15:36:29 UTC

Even though the whole serie has a special atmosphere, (most swedish series are very realistic), it's still very normal. Those characters with the lolita outfits just appear in the "hobut market", they are obviously some sort of special, entertainment hubots. Most hubots looks like this:

I found a promo picture from the "hubot market", shows one of the lolita outfits better:

Anyone who has any idea where the dress is from?

The other dress is made by thepinkfairies, seen here: http://daily-lolita.livejournal.com/1715065.html


March 6 2012, 16:29:18 UTC 2 years ago

they do appear 2or 3 times after the pilot episode, but again they're only standing in the background.
In the hubot market (robot store) they sell different kinds of robots, some for exercising, some to have as company, some to help out elderly people, some for cleaning the house etc. and the robots dressed as lolitas are surrounded by toys and are seen interacting with children so I suppose they are marketed as babysitters..