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Indian Lolita

Hi everyone!

I'm of Indian (Hindu) background. I grew up not really getting to know much about my heritage, mainly because of my father (long, long story). But I want to go back to it - not necessarily in the sense of the religion, but I want to learn about and practice Hindu culture, which I'm slowly learning can be done with or without several religious aspects.

Oh gosh, I guess that last bit of background wasn't so important. I just want to be able to keep my love of lolita fashion, and keep wearing it everyday, but maintain some dedication to Indian clothing, at least every now and then. (I know that's not a requisite of Hinduism or anything, but I feel like I'm denying my heritage by not wearing Indian clothing now and then).

I have seen combinations of traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean clothing mixed into lolita fashion. I was wondering if anyone had ideas of mixing Indian fashion into lolita, or if someone has done this before? I found this site, and I thought maybe some of these could be adapted into lolita fashion? These are more examples of churidars, which I feel would be more casual than sairs to adapt into lolita clothing. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

picture is from here.
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