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Lolita Wardrobe 2012

Hello my Dear Lolitas :D

here is my little wardrobe Post for this Year. My Rori-Wardrobe has change a little bit to last year

i got a new Wardrobe this month :D (in a beautifull grey/Black Color <3 only for my and my Girfriends Lolita Items)


Bodyline and Baby the Stars shine Bright


both offbrand

Body Line

HMHM & Infanta

Baby, the Stars shine bright

Baby the Stars shine bright, Alice and the Pirates, Alice and the Pirates

my Holy Grail <3 Alice and the Pirates Vampire Requiem


Alice and the Pirates, Vampire Symphony

Body Line and Alice and the Pirates

Coat & Waistcoat

both handmade

all handmade (the grey one is handmade from a friend of me)


Vampire Symphony


Alice and the Pirates and no name Gothic boots

both Body Line

Blouse / Shirt

Accessoires / Socks / Bags

H&M bambi Collar

both handmade


Baby the Stars shine bright

both Liesbeth Daal

(you want to see my Fur? than click on this Photo  :D)

I still waiting for

Alice and the Pirates "Name of the Rose" *_* <3
(Photo not from me)

Thank you for looking :D
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