saccharinesoup (saccharinesoup) wrote in egl,

A-Line vs Cupcake petticoats?

I'm not quite sure how to phrase this, as my wonderings are kind of vague and I haven't been able to find any specific information elsewhere.

I know how to tell the difference between an a-line and a cupcake skirts, but are there different pettis for the two kinds (is a "long petticoat" an a-line petti)? And if so, can a cupcake-shape petti be used in an a-line dress of the same length? (or am I completely wrong and cupcake skirts are a-line skirts?)

The reason I ask is because I like a lot of poof in my skirts, but I prefer the a-line silhouette. So, like this;

But I can't imagine how you would get that shape.
I rarely see on d_l an a-line with a lot of poof like this. Is it because you need a-line petticoats doubled-up, or because people aren't wearing pettis at all?
To be honest, I'm very confused and may have further confused myself, but I guess what I'm asking for is
how do you get a nice, appealing poof in an a-line skirt?

Thank you for your patience and help. c:
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