sweets_paradise (sweets_paradise) wrote in egl,

Petticoats - Dear Celine or Classical Puppets?

I'm a newbie lolita so I don't have a petticoat yet and I'm hoping to buy my first one. I want to get a really nice one with good poof.
I heard that Classical Puppets had good ones at first, but looking up more about them on this community I've found lots of bad reviews too and people recommending to buy one from Dear Celine instead.

So I'm considering buying a Dear Celine one instead now but I'd like to hear more experiences with either businesses and their petticoats.
Help, anyone? I'm interested in hearing more about quality, service and the poof of the petticoats.

Also, I want to buy it from Clobba and I want to get a white one. It says white is "on reservation", what does this mean? 
Sorry if this is a stupid question, I don't really understand it.
( The top Dear Celine one here )
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