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BTSSB + other lolita articles from Shoujo Beat Magazine!

hey there eglers! 
hope  you're all having a nice friday.
i had the day off today since i just had finals.
thursday was my 15th birthday! ^o^ 
i was going to have a photoshoot yesterday but i am waiting for my dreamy dollhouse salopette to come, so i'll post a photoshoot of that asap! :]
side note; if you wanna see non-lolita photoshoot of my birthday go here! :D
i was looking through my shoujo beat magazines after reading the post about how you got into lolita and the why you LOVE lolita contest (which i was a winner of!)
i found all these cute articles and ads for lolita and wanted to share! :)
sorry that some of them (mostly the first few) are cut off.
if you'd like, i can easily re-scan them! i was just too lazy XD

from august 2007

from december 2007
a btssb contest!

the picture that got me into lolita; i have this dress it's beautiful!

from february 08

from may 08

the contest winners! 

from july 08

look, imai kira!

more imai kira!

from september 2008

from october 2008

from january 2009

from february 2009

from march 2009

from may 2009

from july 2009, right before shoujo beat was cancelled (ironic because the BABY store opened in august!)

i hope you enjoy looking at these! :)
have a great day everyone!
love love love,
sara, aka iomoo
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