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Lady Diana

TaoBao Spree + an*tai*na* review (image heavy)

Hey Girls !

I hope you're fine today ~ ♪ !
I will do my first review !
I received my an*tai*na* (Love is Blind) shoes and I wanted to share with you my photos and tell you what I thought about them and the shooping service I used to order them. So, I hope my English will not be TOO bad ^^'.

First, I took the package from the post office, came back to home, and took my new camera (I was glad to use it for the first time).

First impression : "Oh, your trip from China was not very good ? **hug**".

"You suffered **magic kiss** ?" (Yes, I talked with it ==')

It was fast to arrive. I bought them July, 13th and today is July, 28th ^_^.

The shoes box don't have so much damages (I thought there will be more than that ^^).

Tadaaa ! When I saw that, I said "OMG, they are not white but off-white (I wanted them to be white) !".


Surprise ! They were really white ! I was sooo happy ♫ !

With the bows. But at first, I didn't know what were the things in front of the shoes. After, I supposed I was supposed to put them in the shoes. Now, let's see the bad, the dark side **bad guy voice**...

As you cas see, there are some little threads but that's nothing. That's made in China, I didn't expect grat quality.

Now... worn :

It looks lovely to me ! A last photo...

I love them ♥ !

So, an*tai*na review : the quality is good, the shoes are cumfortable and good sized. I will order again from them ^_^ !

Now, let's see the TaoBao Spree review !
Susan was nice (but gave me an ironic nickname : Little Diana ^^') and Zeng too ! I asked a lot of thing, and Zeng answer patiently. The communication was great ! No problem with that. At first, I had to pay something like $56 but because of the weight of the shoes, I had to add $4 (or something like that). I think it's really cheap for a shopping service, but I'm not experimented with that, it was my first shopping service (but not the last).
Overall :
Quality (an*tai*na*) : I'd give them 4,25/5 =).
Communication : 6/5 (excellent).
Shipping : 4,5/5 (15 days, very fast).

Ahh, finished ! Thanks for looking, I hope it wa useful, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me ♥ !
Bye ♪ !

P.S. : Now, I will post on daily_lolita, if you want to see more photos, go there ^^ !
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