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TaoBaoNow and TaoBaoSpree review!

I've been buying off Taobao for quite a while now, and I have to say that I love it! You can get a while lot of clothing and shoes for such a little amount, though you need a shopping service for it.

So here is a short review of 2 shopping services I've used, sorry for the lack of pictures, but you'd just have to use your imagination!
Both shopping services are closed right now due to chinese new year!

Fee and payment:
10% and you can pay in HKD through Paypal.

I don't think they could improve on this part, the communication has always been very good with Susan and Doris.
They're both very friendly and super helpful! Every time I send them an e-mail to order, or even just for a question, they reply within a day!

Ease of ordering: You can download an order form from the site, though if you have trouble with it, you can e-mail them a list of what you want to purchase. So ordering with them is pretty easy.

Speed: They're incredibly fast! Not only with ordering things, but also with shipping them out.
I received my last order even before I could transfer money to my Paypal!

Shipping: You can choose the shipping and they have discounts on most of the options. Though shipping is never cheap from China, it's cheaper than TaoBaoNow's shipping! They will also mark the price down.

Packaging: This is probably the only minus point, though I don't really care that much about packaging of items, some people may.
Don't expect your order to be well packaged! Maybe it's different if you ask them to pay extra attention to it, or if you order anything breakable.

Fee and payment:
10% and you can pay in SGD through Paypal.

What communication? I've tried sending them an e-mail, but never got a reply. This is something I really dislike about the shopping service.
You will also have to keep checking the site for updates on your order.

Ease of ordering: I would say that this part is better than Taobaospree if you're lazy like me :P
They have a really nifty shopping cart system that automatically calculates the total of your order without shipping.
You do have to sign up with them to be able to order through them!

Speed: Very slow, it takes days for them to even let you know something is out of stock and you can't pay right away either! You have to wait until they update your order and a Paypal button appears.

Shipping: You can choose  the shipping with this service too, and they even offer normal airmail. I thought "yay! that's going to save a lot of money!" but it didn't, turned out that it was more expensive than DHL shipping.

Packaging: They have their own boxes and they package their stuff really really well! I will add a picture of the packaging later today :)

I hope this review was useful to someone, please let me know if you have any questions!
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