Mosey (moshiicake) wrote in egl,

Question: Bodyline shoes/sizing


With Mr. Yan's furious-like-shit sale and cheaper-than-DHL (oh my! but is it as fast?) EMS shipping going on, I am purchasing some shoes from Bodyline.
However, the sizing boggles me! I usually wear a UK 6 (which I believe is a US 8, yes I know, hueg liek xbox feets) and the sizing according to that is 25.
When I measure my feet I come up with 23.5cm... which is apparently a size 4, a size I can never recall being. Ever.

Is Bodyline's sizing chart just off - should I order a 23.5 in confidence or spring for a size larger? Are they generally roomy?

For reference, these are the ones I am thinking of getting although there are these gorgeous Vivienne Westwoods that are staring at me from Selfridge's window.
TL;DR: Your "normal" shoe size, your Bodyline shoe size, and other shoe sizing malarkey.

NB: Yes, I have used the search function; however I was hoping for a few more answers from others who may have experience with BL's shoes.
(Also, if I could I would tag this so others could find it useful, but I can't! sorry :()

General concensus on Bodyline's shoe sizing
Order your shoes by the CM, but keep in mind that they tend to run half a size too big.
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