ilovebabel (ilovebabel) wrote in egl,

A list of Japanese Lolitas' blogs?

Hello there lolis!

Everybody knows Sae's blog, but she has some friends and we all know some links to other Japanese Lolitas. I was thinking it would be a good idea to compile all the links to these blogs in a single post? Ideally, it could be put in the community memories but that's not for me to decide. Worse comes to worse, we will put it in our personal memories!

So to start off the list, here is my contribution: Inevitable Sae I don't know if I should include this one in the list, as it's not quite Lolita, but more like Pirate-Kodona, he wears a lot of AatP. If you think we shouldn't include it in the list, tell me and I'll delete it. Plus, it's not really active anymore. And this gorgeous Lolita that I don't know the name. Himeka Shirosaki

And some blog ranking sites, thanks to kyomu

So if you know any blogs, please list them here and I'll update the post with them!

Thank you everybody for your contributions, we got quite the big list now!
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