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Super Easy Tutorial: Making a Wa Lolita Outfit From A Yukata

With summer here, it's festival time in Japan. In July and August, tons of Japanese women and girls dress up in yukata (cotton informal kimono) to go to these festivals and see fireworks, eat yummy food, and generally look cute.

A lot of yukata have Lolita-friendly patterns and colors, and they're easier to find this time of year on Ebay/in Japan through shopping services/Yahoo Japan auctions and so on. So I thought I'd throw together a tutorial on how to turn one into a simple Wa Lolita outfit. Novice sewers welcome! :)


-Kimono are always worn left over right (a "y" shape to people looking at you). Right over left is for corpses only (though many young Japanese don't realize this due to a lack of exposure to wearing kimono in modern life).

-If you're a larger girl in the chest, you may need to wear a tank top underneath as yukata are all pretty much the same (smaller) dimensions.

-Be sure your yukata is colorfast or make it so. (See my tale of woe below.)

-Real yukata are 100% cotton. Don't buy anything that is made of polyester, is labeled with sizes or has belt loops or pockets. These are fake and not real yukata (or kimono, for that matter).

- EDIT: Measure very carefully and remember that if you are over 5'3" or 4", you will almost certainly need to add a ruffle in another fabric to get the skirt long enough.

The tutorial:

Me in one I made:

(I'm not a fan of the geta (and man, was it cold and windy out there, as we shot this in February in New Jersey) but I didn't have any cute white boots or shoes to wear instead.)

The backstory on mine is that I made it hoping to give it away in a charity raffle, but since I didn't colorfast it, when I washed it the lace went pink. I haven't been able to fix it, so oh well! It was the very first yukata I had made for me when I was living over there, so I'll hold onto it anyway for sentimental reasons, but probably never wear it. This is the sort of thing I usually prefer. ;)

Anyway, hope this helps give people some ideas. Thanks for reading!
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