Kathleen (delacroixian) wrote in egl,

lolita bedrooms

Hello to all! I am posting for some inspiration and ideas.

Today i made a deal with my boy freind that allows him to decorate the games room how he likes but in return i am allowed to decorate the bedroom!

So what i am asking is do any of you have specifically lolita inspired bedrooms?

Now, because i share the bedroom with him it cannot be overly sweet, but it will definitely be the home for my dollfies  Avylinn and Phillipe and possibly my sewing machine.  So i was thinking about it being more classic with maybe neutral colours and some lovely furniture but other then an antique corner unit i do not really have any great lolita furniture so i am coming to you all for advice and ideas as to how to decorate my room and if there are any great furniture out there that would work great in a lolita bedroom. (i am excited about buying a bed the most)

Pictures and links are welcome :)

thankyou all

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