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We All Have So Much, Let's Give a Little Back!

I am pleased and excited to announce to you all: The Very First Lolita Canned Food Drive!

Here's how it works:

*Anyone wishing to participate can form (or join) a local group for their area and enter the contest. Groups can register by filling out the form below.

*Groups will see how many cans of food they can collect for a local charity of their choice during the contest.

*The group with the most cans of food by the end of the competition will win a prize!

Contest Info:

***Contest will "officially" run from Halloween (Oct. 31) until Dec. 15 (but of course if you start early, who will know?).

***All groups must be registered by Nov. 15th at the latest.

***All groups must pick a Contact Person and put their name and email into the registration form (below) so that I can pass along any useful information and keep track of how you are doing.

***All groups must provide a local charity's name and a photo of their group + the cans they've collected (not just for evidence that you did it, but so that I can make a cute photo post of the wonderful lolitas who did such good works when we announce the winner!) Please have your photos in by Dec. 17th at the latest.

***I will make update posts to remind people of deadlines and so groups know how many cans the others have collected-- trust me the prize will be something really fun, so you'll want to keep track! We all know we love competition and in this case competition = more food to donate!

***Other foods are WONDERFUL but only cans are "counted"!!! Still-- donating other food definitely "counts" in that you gave from the heart to people who need it!

Registration Form:
please email this form to remembermydream AT gmail DOT com

*Name of Your Group's City or Area: (example: New York Lolitas, Portugal Lolitas, or British Columbia Lolitas)

*Approx. # of Lolitas in Your Group:

*Name of Local Charity for Donation: (You can write TBA if you need time to track something down, but a charity must be named by the end of the contest for your group to be officially considered for the prize.)

*Contact Person for the Group's Name:

*Contact Person for the Group's Email:

Please email this form to remembermydream AT gmail DOT com

Useful Information and Tips:

Here are some tips for collecting cans!

*Set up donation boxes to collect cans at your school or work. (Be sure to ask first!) Remember, brightly colored boxes attract attention, so use wrapping paper, bows, artwork, etc.

*Throw lolita parties and gatherings and have a "can requirement". Ex: Tea Party This Saturday! 5 Cans Per Entry!

*Clean out your pantries + your friends and families pantries (again, ask if the food's not yours and please make sure to check that the food inside the can has not expired!).

*Pool your group's resources and hit up grocery store sales.

Credits and Disclaimers:

***This is an *unofficial* EGL contest. The mods of egl are in no way connected to and responsible for this food drive competition. Although they were made aware of the plan and may decide to participate with their local groups, this is not their show so don't bother them about it cuz they have no answers for you!

*Thanks to ugly_kitties for the cute sketch in the picture.

*Thanks to industrialkitty for volunteering to help me in this.

*Thanks in advance to all who will participate!

Questions? Just leave a comment or email me at remembermydream AT gmail DOT com

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