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January Theme is Wardrobe Post

It's that time of year again to show off your lolita wardrobe! Feel free to share with the community what you have in your closet - whether it be every single item you've had after being in the fashion for years, or your first piece of lolita that you just picked up! Either way, the EGL community looks forward to taking a peek inside your wardrobe :)

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30th-Dec-2016 09:01 pm - [sticky post] Wardrobe post month is here
it wouldn't be January without the wardrobe post theme!

It's that time of year again to show off your lolita wardrobe! Feel free to share with the community what you have in your closet - whether it be every single item you've had after being in the fashion for years, or your first piece of lolita that you just picked up! Either way, the EGL community looks forward to taking a peek inside your wardrobe :)

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19th-Jan-2017 07:22 pm - Lady Ai's Wardrobe 2017

I'm 2,5 years in lolita and this is my first wardrobe post. I think it's time to maintain tradition =) My wardrobe is nine tenths in sweet or hime lolita substyles)

[Lets start!..]
~in Pink (the main color of my wardrobe)~

AP - Strawberry Whip

AP - Chess Chocolate

AP - Princess Tiara

AP - Marine Kingdom

AP - Princess Cat

AP - Melty Whip Chocolate (different light because of the background)

AP - True Rose Story (Special set dress)
(без названия)

AP - Crystal Dream Carnival

AP - Shadow Dream Carnival

BTSSB - Fairy Garden Trifolium

Taobao - Infanta - Under-dress

~in Blue & Mint & Green~

AP - Day Dream Carnival

AP - Eternal Carnival

2x AP - Fantasic/Fantastic Carnival

AP - Castle Mirage Princess Sleeve Dress

AatP - Swan lake~Ephemeral tears~

~in White & Ivory ~

AP - Antoinette Decoration

AP - Rose Museum

AP - Quartet Chocolate Napoleon

Taobao - Cat's Broom - The Secret Garden

~other colors~

AP - Dolly cat (in lavender)

AatP - Ragnarok ~Story of the Final Stage~


AP ~pink~ (don't know what relise is this)

Taobao - Anna's Secret - skirt in green - Hogwarts Series


AatP -  Azure Vest






Taobao - Magic Tea Party

*Blouses & cardigans (18 in sum)*

Taobao brands, offbrand, bodyline



AP, Taobao brands, offbrand

*tooooooo maaaanyyy headdresses =))*

AP, handmade, taobao brands, offbrand

*long under-skirts and long cape-cardigans* (too lazy to photo them all)))


Taobao brands, offbrand, Bodyline

*Socks, OTK's, Tights*

AP, Taobao brands, offbrand


BTSSB, offbrand

*And other things*
Wigs, little accessories like wristbands, rings, cuffs, necklaces, barrettes and etc.

AP, handmade, Taobao brands, offbrands
17th-Jan-2017 11:57 pm - My Sweet Wardrobe 2017

Hello lovelies!
Since everyone is posting their Lolita wardrobes I thought i'd join in and do the same! Even though I'm like 15 and can't afford lots of Lolita stuff I still wanted to share what I have with this awesome community so I hope you enjoy :)

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15th-Jan-2017 09:57 am - Juicekaboose's wardrobe post 2017
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15th-Jan-2017 01:27 am - FanPlusFriend review - 3 dresses

First time doing a review! I have a lot of FanPlusFriend stuff and I love it but I never got around making a review. So here it is, one for the last package I received. Hopefully this won't get lost among a sea of wardrobe posts. Speaking of wardrobes mine is almost entirely F+F but I still don't have pics of everything. Since most of it is carefully folded and stored in individual bags (I don't have much space but my lolita collection has grown quite a bit), it'll take a long while preparing everything. Well, at least enjoy this review for now. I'm not exactly an expert on the matter though, I do lolita mostly casually.


I've posted it on my LJ and not here because it's image heavy and they are bigger than 500x800. Any input is appreciated~ :3
14th-Jan-2017 05:27 pm - Roli's Wardrobe 2017

Another year, another wardrobe post! Compared to previous years there hasn't been a huge amount of change since my last post, but my wardrobe has still continued to evolve, and I look forward to refining it further in the next twelve months.

My style is generally classic, with a little sweet as well. My wardrobe is pretty well rounded, I think, and I am really happy with how it has developed. Last year's post, for reference, can be found here. I do have a predominatnly lolita blog as well, Roli's Ramblings, in case you're interested in seeing more of my lolita style.
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12th-Jan-2017 12:13 pm - sage_blossom's wardrobe post 2017

Hey everyone, back for a second year of wardrobe posting! I've been actively in the fashion for about 3 1/2 years now, though only finally joined my local comm in the past year (two comms actually, since recently I'm currently on exchange abroad and was lucky enough to join the Swiss comm while I'm over here too). As a result, my wardrobe is split between two locations right now, so please excuse the occasionally different photo backgrounds.

You can find last year's wardrobe post here - http://egl.livejournal.com/20013406.html

Onwards to tons of skirts!Collapse )

Since I am in the middle of a year of studying abroad, I don't have my full wardrobe with me. About 50% of main pieces and 30% of accessoires, shoes, cardigans, blouses etc. are still in Austria. However, since I wear lolita pretty often and use it as regular clothing, I took a lot of stuff with me and feel it's enough to warrant a wardrobe post. It might also help that I am procrastinating hard and use every excuse from writing a paper that's due next week.
See what I deemed worthy to come with me to SwedenCollapse )
Another year in lolita. This year I focused less on cataloguing everything I own, and more on coordinating the interesting bits, arranged by color. And as ever, blouses. More blouses. Although... even I was surprised when I made up my final tally for this post, haha...

2016 | 2015 | 2014

To preserve my sanity some images were taken from my blog, please excuse the watermark.

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no title

Even though I've been wearing lolita for two years now, this happens to be my very first time participating in the January wardrobe post theme here in EGL. At the start, I felt too unsure about the direction I wanted to take my wardrobe to and what style I really liked so I bought a bit of everything. I bought pieces that were gothic and eventually sold them as I realised I leaned more towards sweet-classic, since the gothic aesthetic seemed more something I love on other people but not on myself. So I hope you guys enjoy my now hopefully more cohesive and sizeable wardrobe that I feel happier showcasing down the cut!

Recursive"s sweet-classic collection in the read more!Collapse )
9th-Jan-2017 06:29 pm - Another 2017 Wardrobe Post

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9th-Jan-2017 02:54 pm - My Classic Wardrobe Post 2017!
geisha, avatar

This is the beginning of my 7th year in Lolita! My wardrobe finally reached a stage where I found I wasn't getting round to wear things. As a result, while I have some things on order, I intend to try and sell some items that I find I am not wearing much this year.

For those interested, my 2016 post can be viewed here and my 2015 post can be viewed here.

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8th-Jan-2017 07:51 pm - Gwenchan's Wardrobe

This is the third time doing a wardrobe post. You can find my last years post here and my 2015 post here .
2016 was my 10th year into Lolita Fashion. Unfortunately, I had not so much opportunitys to wear the fashion much. I hope, I can wear it more often this year. My goal for next year is to sew more again and look for some more flower print dresses

8th-Jan-2017 03:20 pm - Wardrobe 2017
I forgot about doing a wardrobe last year. Oops. So this is 2 years worth of collecting. I am a broke student who just had to pick a really expensive hobby. Most of my stuff is second hand, and some of it some people may not consider "loliable" but i still like to wear it with Lolita to make the style my own. My wardrobe doesn't really have a particular theme or colour; I just picked stuff that I liked and couold afford at the time. So here's my wardrobe!
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