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Theme for June
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egl features a monthly theme, in which everyone is welcome to participate!
Not all community posts have to be on theme; the themes are just to give people inspiration and excuses to post! Everyone is welcome to submit theme ideas in this post. If you want to submit artwork for next months layout, please check this post.

August's theme is Beach/Nautical
Summer might be coming to the end for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, but there’s still time to hit the sea side. This month share your favorite beach or nautical themed items. From mermaids to sea shells to your favorite sailor look show us your best! Create your own entry or join the discussion on our monthly theme post.

• Please familiarize yourself with the list of banned sellers/scammers over at egl_comm_sales right here.
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28th-Aug-2015 10:47 am(no subject)
meow, userpic, cat, kitten, kawaii
Hey dollfaces <3

Would anyone be interested in starting a penpal-ish group? Like anyone can join in, we swap addresses and send each letters/stickers/small gifts - whatever you feel like stuffing in an envelope and slapping a stamp on is fair game. I'm a huge fan of handwritten letters, and I thought some of you might too. I mean, the best feeling in life is getting something in the mail, amirite? Just comment your ideas, thoughts and/or concerns below and *fingers crossed* we can get this started!
27th-Aug-2015 07:41 pm - First coordinate I post!
Hi! I wanted to show this coordinate, the socks will probably be changed in otk, what do you think of it? i choose not to use a petticoat as it might be unflattering in this kind of dress.
[Spoiler (click to open)]

27th-Aug-2015 01:59 pm - Quality of Bodyline velvet?
Dear fellow lolitas,
This question has been bugging me for quite some time now... how is the quality of Bodyline's velvet fabric? Does it hold up to their stock pictures? I'm sorta planning on buying the following dress from them (originally a Shinku costume, I know), but I can't find any reviews on it: http://bodyline.co.jp/en/costume768.html

Note: please don't let this become a "This is Cosplay/Ita/all other loli descriptions of awful" debate. I think the dress on its own CAN be worn with lolita, leaving aside the obviously questionable bonnet and the huge velvet bows.
Thanks <3
26th-Aug-2015 05:32 pm - Flashing your bloomers? Bloomer help?

Ok I have a few bloomer related questions!

1. Do you think it's ok to have your bloomers poking out at the bottom of your dress?  If you have done this before how did the coord come out? (Feel free to post pics!)

2.I have seen a lot of pant like bloomers and bloomer like pants,  is it ok to use them interchangeably?

3. If you do show the bottom of your bloomers,how much is too much?

So I wanted to put together a basic and inexpensive coord around an Alice in Wonderland theme. I'm basing it around Bodyline's Playing Cards OP (l518) in Sax. Read more... And a collage!Collapse )
23rd-Aug-2015 05:11 pm(no subject)
Hi :) Has anyone ordered directly from Emikyu? I would like to hear people's experiences. I wonder if they mark the parcel down when asked?
Back in December, I posted my translation of this article's Sweet Lolita equivalent. Here's the follow-up!

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22nd-Aug-2015 05:55 pm - Ap's tea party sizing??
I need help with ap's shoe sizing ._. I know it ain't rocket science, but I really wanna be sure before I purchase. I've never owned any shoes from ap before so I don't know too much about their sizing. I heard they're pretty narrow, sometimes small? idk. My feet in us sizing are generally a 6.5 or a 7. Would anyone who's had ap tea parties before be able to point me in the right direction? I'm not sure whether to get an M or an L, I'd really appreciate it!
so this is love
 I have the 2010 Pinafore JSK in Navy and the 2015 Medium Length JSK in black, so I thought I would do a comparison post.

TJ re-release black pinafore JSK.jpg twinkle journey.jpg
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I recently sold a jsk that I wore once and stored for a few months in my closet on a hanger. Unfortunately, I've heard from my lovely buyer that the straps are kinda stretched and loose on her shoulders.

Maybe it was the way it sat on the hanger for that long? I'm so worried that she won't be able to wear it x_x

Does anyone have any experience with this, or know of any tips to help the shirring resemble it's original elasticity?

I'm having a freak out that might not even be appeased by this jar of nutella I have near me.

Many, many thanks for any advice you can give me!!

19th-Aug-2015 08:31 pm - what have you made recently?
I was just wondering what all you sewing lolitas are up to. I recently made this simple skirt. it's supper poof with a petite. I hope to get a classical puppets petite so it can be even pouffier. I think I want to try making bloomers next.
choko lolita bear
I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find the answers to this :/ is there such a thing as too much poof? In the image below I used a-line and bell shape classical puppets petticoats to layer them and it's extremely poofy. I'm asking because someone wants to buy my a-line petti and I'm having second thoughts on selling because what if I want to layer my Petticoats like this? But if it's too poofy then I probably will sell it because I only need the bell petti.

18th-Aug-2015 05:48 pm - What's your ultimate dream dress?
Hi lolita's. I know this has been talked about before many times, but not so recently, and I love seeing others' dream dresses! Perhaps we can even help each other find them.
Have you found yours already? Are you looking for it every day? What would you wear with it? It may also be a skirt ^-^ Please post pictures if you can ♥
17th-Aug-2015 11:51 am - Lolita x High-fashion?
About three years of watching EGL from afar, finally I have the courage to make an LJ account and start posting.

I did a photoshoot recently with a local photographer at his home studio.

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16th-Aug-2015 09:06 pm - Question for Fukuoka Lolitas~

I'm heading out to Fukuoka for a couple of weeks for work, I was wondering if there anyone knows of any SECOND HAND lolita shops in the area?  I've been there in the past and know about Vivre building where most of the lolita brand shops are (baby, putumayo, etc., etc) but combing through past posts here, i didn't see any information on second hand shops that may carry used lolita items (similar to Closet Child in Tokyo).

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated!!!

17th-Aug-2015 03:56 pm - Your Nautical Themed Coordinatess!
To fit with this months theme, lets share our own pirate, sailor or other nautical themed coords here! If you haven't made one yet, perhaps you might like to try your hand at it.

There isn't much else to say, this is quite self explanatory...
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