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10th-Dec-2016 06:40 pm - What's in the mail?

It’s that time of the month again!  Time for our monthly What’s in the Mail/Haul post.
Haven’t bought anything recently don’t worry we have this first Tuesday of every month!

So, what have you purchased recently?
You can share your most recent haul/what’s in the mail to you here! You are encouraged to come up with a unique and creative way to display your new items!
9th-Dec-2016 07:59 pm - Alteration vs. Sell AP Pretty School
I hate the sack dress cut of this dress on me. I was debating between selling vs. cutting the necktie in half to make waist ties. If I did make waist ties, I was thinking about attaching them near the center trim. Any thoughts?

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So I acquired this skirt from a comm member a while back. She said it was around 76cm and I was hypomanic and believed that I could lose the weight to fit it if I just adhered to my balanced diet and exercise routine I've been trying to keep up with. (I'm 85cm now and like 20lbs overweight) but it's actually more close to 66~cm

So here is the skirt.
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As you can see it has/is

•Black with white lace
•side zipper with button closure
•Detachable waist ties with white lace on the ends.

Does anyone know which skirt this is? Year? Actual sizing?

If you do I'd be much appreciative.
1st-Dec-2016 07:42 pm - Eternita magazine?
I'm living in Japan for a while now, and in a bookstore, I found an interesting magazine that I'd never heard of before called Eternita. It's a lolita magazine for adults, it seems. The twitter for it is called "Otona Alice Eternita" (Adult Alice)
And the coord pictures had people who were in their 30's and 40's. This makes me sort of happy... I was worried I was getting too old for lolita, but it seems like I'm not (I'm still under 30 by a few years ^_^;)

Soo... does anyone know this magazine, how long it's been around, etc.?

Also, it featured some pieces by Michal Negrin, which was nice. If you don't know that designer, her stuff is very interesting, in a baroque way. I've always wondered about incorporating some things like that with Lolita...
29th-Nov-2016 05:02 pm - Gothic & Lolita Bible Scans?
Hi everyone! I have recently lost my hard disk information, where I had all the scans of the volumes, I've been trying to download them again, but JmagineScans seems to be gone and I found some here and there but most posts are form 2010 and links are broken. Does anyone know where to get these? or can anyone post them?

Thanks in advance and sorry if it's out of place, but I am clueless as to where to look.

PS: I am missing Vols: 3, 7, 8, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 26.
13th-Nov-2016 03:24 pm - Freiburger Lolita Stammtisch
As I've been reminded at the meet-up yesterday I still have pictures from an October meet-up in Freiburg im Breisgau (DE) to show.

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13th-Nov-2016 01:21 pm - Afternoon Tea in Zürich (CH)
Yesterday the swiss lolita community enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea in the heart of Zürich.

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12th-Nov-2016 09:42 pm - Mermaid Lolita?

Hello I have been in love with lolita for going on 7 years now. And I have always loved mermaids. I really like classic lolita mainly but also dabble in other styles such as gothic, pirate, and steampunk for example. I found a post on here about ideas for mermaid and another style lolita and alot if people said they would be interested in seeing sketches. So I decided to draw up a rough idea of what I have been thinking. (They are really rough as I was nursing my baby when I drew them)

Please go take a look and tell me what you think any con/crit is welcome. I hope you like them! :))


3rd-Nov-2016 04:17 pm - Review: Nolaska Pastor Bugs Garden
I posted this review, because I never have seen one in English. Before I purchase I did find some Spanish reviews on Youtube with autogenerated texting and bit of guess work I managed to get most of it.

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30th-Oct-2016 09:30 pm - Lolita Shops in China

I'm traveling to China during the winter and I want to buy Lolita dresses there.
Can you please tell me where I can visit/what shops or malls I can go to, to buy inexpensive Lolita dresses? Also, if you can, comment the address please.
I'm for sure going to Shanghai and Beijing, and I may visit other areas in China too.

So yeah, please reply/comment if you know Lolita shops in China. Thanks! ヾ(´▽`)
30th-Oct-2016 03:25 pm - Halloween Coords!
Hi everyone! Let's do something fun! Since Halloween weekend is almost over, let's make it last just a little longer. =^.^= Did you go for something spooky? Or maybe something a little sweet? How about a serious OTT? Share with everyone and post your Hallowenn coords here!!

I'll start: This year, I went with a sweet witch theme with a dress that had dancing cats, owls, and cute little pumpkins on it! Also stars just for good measure. ^_^ What did yours look like??

28th-Oct-2016 11:10 am - Halloween shopping

Hello hello, you fantastic spooks! Being that I'm a bit of a terrible person, and only now brining in an income, and certainly not on Livejournal for anything outside of this comm, I thought now'd be a pretty great time to post something.

I'm not terribly familiar with the online shops we might frequent, but I do know that there are, say, incredible Christmas sales, and that Halloween might be as good as an excuse as any for those of us who don't live lolita daily to bring it out and dust it off, and so, for those shops to make some sales.

I'm being incoherent. Let me cut to the chase:
Are there any thrilling sales going on in the name-brand shops (BtSSB, or whathaveyou), in the spirit of Halloween?
If so, is anybody up for spreading around that love? This cat's always looking for a good deal, if I only know which place to hunt.



I'm on the taller side of loli and I always had things custom made. And while I don't tend to give a second look to things that can't be made to my length I find myself looooving this print:

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9th-Oct-2016 03:30 pm - Lolita Community in AZ?
I was wondering if there are any active communities in Arizona, especially the phoenix area.
If there are active communities, how are the people there?
Do they accept members that are less than 18 years old?

I really don't want to be a lone lolita, and I wanted to make some friends in real life to share my love for the fashion!
25th-Sep-2016 12:55 pm - Replicas
I never get why anyone would buy such a thing(there are bunch of indie brands which does awesome custom prints, even in custom sizes, clothing patterns are however not protected by law, imagine someone got patent on the idea of a pocket!).
Ok, I saw a thread, in another community called X, there Y looking on a very specific brand item replica, but have no luck finding it and asking for a place to buy it.
But however what would you do in situation? A) Give the information to Y, B) or telling you don't want to share any knowlegde of such sites because it is not legal to share information.
C) something third.

I think the community are not important in this case, secondly I would protect the persons username to secure anonymity of the person.
Thirdly I have few anonymous haters(maybe only one with mutible accounts) in that community, who seems likes to dislike everything I write, after I gave short lesson about constructive critism(why like and dislike buttons sucks, killing off constructive debate). But too cowardly to tell it up straight, so I have no idea who they are.
18th-Sep-2016 03:32 pm - Taboos in lolita: Being poor?!
It is not about looking for advice. But I feel there is taboo about not spending - carefully saving over more than a few months or using money in much more needed place. But what I see online is spend, spend, spending, people who make incredible bad economic decissions and even encourage others to do it. Especially nembies, If you are not willing to spend, you are ita(indirectly saying)...
I don't care about others economy, but I really dislike the last one. Why? Because someone is channelizing their own low self esteem over on somebody else. Especially if the person is new, It take very much to stand up against it, talking of my own experience.
I feel egl has luckily eneough grown out of it, but some communitys still do it(like Reddit).

Do you think it is problem we as community encourage people in always not so wise spending?
What do you think about being poor?
10th-Sep-2016 12:49 pm - Your last look
GLB_VOL_9 (20).jpg

What was your last look (that you took a picture of.) Did you go to a meet up or just taking a trip to the store?

Was it a standard 'go-to' for you or did you try something new? Do you like the way it looks or would you change it up?
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