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Theme for March
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egl features a monthly theme, in which everyone is welcome to participate!
Not all community posts have to be on theme; the themes are just to give people inspiration and excuses to post! Everyone is welcome to submit theme ideas in this post. If you want to submit a theme next month please checkthis post

April theme is Food
April’s theme is food. Do all your dresses make you hungry? Are you now craving a cheese course at the end of your meals? Perhaps you have a favorite meet up at the local cafe you like to show off. Did you make a sweet spread while wearing Lolita? Hey those aprons you bought because they were cute CAN be used while baking. Now’s the month to share a recipe that’s perfect for a potluck meet, show off your baking skills or those dresses that make you want to eat.

Please familiarize yourself with the list of banned sellers/scammers over at egl_comm_sales right here.

Excentrique has started to release their summer line. It's called Curisity cabinet.
You can view their preview catalogue here. I pulled a for of my favorites.

More below cut. What do you think?Collapse )
28th-Apr-2016 05:10 pm - Financing lolita lifestyle
I'm very new here and yes I read the rules and faq's but if this isn't allowed I'm sorry and please let me know.

Anyways I'm doing research for a college anthropology project on how lolitas afford to live the way they do. For the project I need actual survey data so if anyone is willing to take my short 9 question survey, that would be VERY helpful. It's anonymous and you can skip questions if you still don't feel comfortable with them.
I'm not sure if this breaks the generating discussion rule, but if it helps, open discussion beyond the survey is encouraged.. although I'm sure there are already posts about this =^=;;

(also if you're interested in this subject as well you can view the results of the survey after you complete it)
19th-Apr-2016 08:47 pm - The rise of teapots
It might be just me, but I have seen a lot tea-prints lately. Not just the rerelease of the IW Tea time OP, but I found sometime ago a Matcha tea swiss roll print! Sadly I can't find it again. So far I see mainly sweet or classic prints. I really love to see a more gothic version.
see more steamning printsCollapse )

Only two months until the next Helsinki Lolita Convention, Hellocon, that is held 18.-19.6.2016!

 The source of inspiration for the main event is enchanting and elegant rose garden. Our guest of honor is Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Have you already bought your tickets? If not, please do! There's still some left and you will not miss out on Hellocon's excellent program, amazing guest Baby the Stars Shine Bright, fashion shows, workshops... and of course all while shopping a big variety of vendor tables in the grand hall of Event Arena Bank! If you hurry, you might even catch one of the last tea party tickets and join the Children of the Night masquerade ball in an old church building.
Learn more about ticket sale, program and vendors!Collapse )
As a big fan of French house music, I am a big fan of Breakbot, a French group who (sorta) recently released an interesting music video following a trouble-making Mexican lolita in Tijuana, Mexico. She spits, she fights, she shoots bullets into the ocean, and yet she is also a bonafide lolita, and not just a poor representation of the general lolita look. Video after the cut.

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12th-Apr-2016 02:48 pm - Kodona attempt...

Sorry if this is not perfect,i don't have many accesories for now

11th-Apr-2016 06:05 pm - How to Style Lolita Print Tote Bags?
Tea Cup Cracked Melon Green Mint Pink In

Recently I got a print tote bag (of the AatP's Ragnarok print) and it got me thinking; they (most / many brands) make a lot of these tote bags out of prints but how do people choose to style them?
With my new Jfashion reporting job I'm planning on using it as a way to express my inner-Lolita while wearing more practical clothing (in the field reporting is hard with a full petticoat). I was also thinking maybe a print bag could be a way to bring Lolita style themes into other more casual Jfashions like Larme, Otome and Mori?

So how do you guys style these bags? There has to be a lot of people out their with them; totes are getting sold with mooks, given away in raffles and end up being gifted a lot from one Lolita to another.
11th-Apr-2016 02:33 am - lolita art!
05-23-2003 The Red String of Fate.JPG

I just stumbled on an old drawing/painting I made back in 2003. I didn't realize that I've been into this style for so long. :D I remember the first time I saw lolita-styled clothes and then it clicked: this was what I wanted to wear forever! What was your first "ah-ha!" moment like?
10th-Apr-2016 10:10 am - indie food

was scrolling through my twitter feed and noticed these bags by an indie Japanese designer.

If you could get a bag print out of any food what would it be?

I would love a bag print of victorian looking berries. 
9th-Apr-2016 09:26 pm - What's in the mail

It’s that time of the month again!  Time for our monthly What’s in the Mail/Haul post.
Haven’t bought anything recently don’t worry we have this first Tuesday of every month!

So, what have you purchased recently?
You can share your most recent haul/what’s in the mail to you here! You are encouraged to come up with a unique and creative way to display your new items!
9th-Apr-2016 02:29 am - Communitys
Hi! Im looking for any Lolita communitys in the uk (preferably near harpenden/st albans), do any of you know where to find one? Thx - im 15 so i cant travel too far so the closer the better XD
7th-Apr-2016 02:54 pm - Lolita Fashion Survey
I'm currently studying business Japanese at university, and for the final project we have to compare three companies that produce similar products.  I decided that I might as well use that opportunity to research lolita brands. The presentation for our project has to include graphs and charts, so I made this survey in order to gather information.

If you have time, please take this short survey. It would help me a lot!

3rd-Apr-2016 02:43 pm - Fanart
Hi! this is my first post but I have been a stalker watcher of the comm since a couple of years ago ^///^
I'm not lolita myself (money and shyness) but I love the fashion and I love to see the posts here showing the dresses <3 I learned a lot about the fashion rules :)
I recently was commissioned to make a figure of an original character and her dress looks lolita inspired so I wanted to share it here too, I remember seeing art posted before so I hope it's ok ^^

pictureCollapse )

I hope you like it :)

I was free to choose the color of her shoes so I decided purple... but I was thinking dark pink could have looked well too... right?
2nd-Apr-2016 11:54 am - April's theme is food
April’s theme is food.

Do all your dresses make you hungry? Are you now craving a cheese course at the end of your meals? Perhaps you have a favorite meet up at the local cafe you like to show off. Did you make a sweet spread while wearing Lolita? Hey those aprons you bought because they were cute CAN be used while baking. Now’s the month to share a recipe that’s perfect for a potluck meet, show off your baking skills or those dresses that make you want to eat.

(JetJ newest released helped to come up with this month's theme)
1st-Apr-2016 04:12 pm - 15 Lolita Designs in April Challenge
skull, lolita
Last year, my friends at design school and I did the Design 15 Costumes in April challenge. This year, they're not doing it, so I thought doing a lolita themed version would be fun.

You don't need to draw or anything. Taking a picture of something inspiring or writing down a couple sentences about your idea works too. All it takes is getting your head into thinking about lolita things in your life.

For example, a design can be as complete as a drawing (or actually making something), or as vague as the phrase, "Sleepy Circus Princess." It can also be a picture of some flowers, books on a shelf, anything that makes you think about lolita.

I'll be doing it by myself, but things like this are more fun with friends and community. Even if you've never considered yourself a designer, it's a lot of fun to just try out. Anyone interested?

EDIT: Didn't think this many people would be interested! Here's some more details:
The goal is that each person does fifteen designs, but of course you can go under or over! Last year we picked 15 because that's roughly one every two days, and we wanted it to be a pretty intense workload since we were all working on portfolios at the time.
I think the easiest way to do this would be to have everyone post their designs to their own blogs, and then we'll have a community place to share your blog posts. This way, you can use tumblr or blogger or livejournal or whatever you're the most comfortable with. I've made a blogger blog [ http://lolita15april.blogspot.com/2016/04/first-post.html ] that we can use to share them, but I'm open to sharing them a different way if something else works better for people. Blogger has a decent threaded comment system that makes discussion and conversation possible.

There's not really a theme for each design, but if anyone wants to contribute themed ideas to make a list in case anyone wants inspiration, that'd be really cool!
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