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The EGL Community
For Gothic & Lolita Fashion. Hosted by LiveJournal.
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19th-Nov-2017 10:05 pm - New to lolita, need some friends ;-;
Hey there! I'm a beginner lolita and I'm trying really hard to break into the community ;-; so far I don't really have any lolita friends or anyone to talk to about lolita who really knows about it... I think my IRL friends are getting sick of me talking about it all the time because they don't understand it very well. I know you can't really force a friendship but is anyone willing to add me on here (I don't understand livejournal v well I just joined sorry...)?

Here's the only coord I've ever actually put together and worn out so far! It was awesome, I loved it <3
8th-Nov-2017 08:02 pm - Is this a replica?
Hi everybody! This purse by MuFish on Taobao has caught my interest, but I'm not familiar with MuFish, so I don't know if the bags they make are actually replicas. If this purse is a replica, I'd rather track down the original if I can. If anybody is able to confirm whether MuFish created this design, or if it's a replica (and which brand made the original), I would really appreciate it!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

More images of the purse can be found on this page

Thanks, everyone! ^_^
31st-Oct-2017 05:53 pm - Lolita name suggestions?
Hi! I have recently discovered the lolita fashion style and am embracing it. Problem is, I'd like a "Lolita" name to use for when I dress like one (I usually dress as a classic lolita, although I do dress as a sweet lolita on occasion).

All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!!!
5th-Oct-2017 09:00 pm - Gabalnara Wigs - Ordering
Has anyone here ordered a wig from Gabalnara? I placed an order on 9/21 and they emailed me the next morning saying the three items would ship out on 9/29. Since then, I haven't heard a thing, and my order status is still listed as "Before Shipment" or "Queued for Shipment." No tracking number. I've tried contacting them very politely via Facebook and their messaging system on the website. I've used both English and Korean, thanks to a friend. I made sure to be suuuper polite, but nothing! I'm pretty shocked that after five days they haven't responded at all. Usually Korean companies, along with Japanese companies, have amazing customer service.

Did anyone else receive a tracking number with their order(s)? They only ship to the US using EMS...
30th-Sep-2017 06:23 pm - Moi meme Moitie unboxing
bought the new(ish) oranmental table.

17th-Sep-2017 06:12 pm - new to lolita
hi i'm new to Lolita :) I hope can meet new friends.
16th-Sep-2017 12:09 pm - Visible
Hi, I'm looking for information about a brand called Visible, in kana ヴィジブル
I'm particulary interested in the kind of fabric they use as i found a second hand jacket i might be interested in, but there's no info about the material and i really need something heavy for next winter.

I know it's not a popular brand, but if you own any of their outwear, pleeease help : D

Thank you in advance!
Lolita fashion show at Animefest 2017 (Czech republic), featuring european indie brands.

Links under the cut.Collapse )
I am going to buy a hime lolita dress. It is 106cm (include lace) in length (but it is about 65cm from waist to lace). I wonder if a 45cm petticoat is appropriate. If not, which petticoat do I need? In which length? I'm not keen on wearing a hoop-skirt.
Also, I think that dress is quite heavy.I'd like to buy a super large petticoat to make the dress a bell-shaped look. Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks for your attention !

Excentruqe put out their Autum and Winter collection. I posted some photos and shared my thoughts in a video. What did you all think? The link to the whole collection is here.

more photosCollapse )
13th-Jun-2017 04:31 pm - What's in the mail?

It’s that time of the month again!  Time for our monthly What’s in the Mail/Haul post.
Haven’t bought anything recently don’t worry we have this first Tuesday of every month!

So, what have you purchased recently?
You can share your most recent haul/what’s in the mail to you here! You are encouraged to come up with a unique and creative way to display your new items!
8th-Jun-2017 11:21 am - Where to print high quality fabrics?
I was wondering if there are any lolita diy-ers that have experience with ordering custom fabric, especially with black and dark colors. I love designing prints, but I don't know where it's best to print them.
I tried spoonflower, and while I think they're amazing, the quality isn't what I'm looking for. The cotton is a bit thin and wax-y, even the more expensive ones and after washing. I also use a lot of blacks in my design and their prints just turn out too light.

Does anyone know of a place or website that prints a nice black on fabric? (I live in The Netherlands, so something in Europe would be great.)

I also considered painting over the black parts with fabric paint, but that would take a lot of time.
8th-May-2017 03:33 pm - Yoybuy help
Well, last year I ordered something from taobao through Yoybuy. Nothing expensive though, only cost 10 bucks. But then I say the delivery would cost the twice so I decided to just cancelled it. The problem is the item already had arrived at my chinese address. I cancelled it anyways and now I got an email there will be fees soon and the free storage will end soon. Do I still have to pay for the fees even if I don't want it delivered anymore?
2nd-May-2017 08:53 pm - Prisila wigs - where to buy ?
Hi all,

I used to buy Prisila from from Wigland/Rakuten but the store seems to be closed or something. Where can I get new and authentic Prisila wigs nowadays ? (I live in Europe).

Thanks girls !

Like every season I look through Excentrique's collection... sadly this season I was so unimpress I added Sheglit's season which is LOVE!

What do you guys think?
20th-Apr-2017 11:28 am - Chicago/Midwest Community
cere cere

I was wondering if there is still an active chicago comm anywhere? Every one I find hasn't been updated in at least a year. Thank you!
3rd-Apr-2017 12:02 am - Very Confused Beginner Lolita

I'm just starting in lolita and have so many questions about coordinating and lolita in general.

So my first question is... is this the right place to ask those questions? If not, where can I ask more experienced lolitas for advice?

If this is the right place, here are my main questions at the moment (if not, sorry for posting to the wrong place and please don't mind!):

I bought the BTSSB Marie Antoinette Lace JSK as my first lolita dress, but haven't been able to find any pictures online of anyone actually wearing it... How should I coordinate it? After researching all the styles, I think I would like to go for hime lolita.

Which petticoat would be good for that dress in particular and in general? I read a lot of reviews that Classical Puppets sells good petticoats but then also read a lot that the quality has declined. I also heard that the Angelic Pretty petticoat is very comfortable and lasts a long time, but they seem to be out of stock and I don't know how often they restock or if it's the best option in the first place. I am willing to wait and pay a little more to make sure I have a good petticoat.

Also... my bust is rather small (78cm) and it seems many of the brand dresses are too big, but I really love some of the prints and styles, like BTSSB's Thumbelina JSK I and Bambi de la Foret Secret. Is there anything I can do (other than gain a ton of weight because I don't think that would be healthy)?
31st-Mar-2017 12:23 pm - Hypothetical wardrobes
Laterly I tried to make some fancy hypothetical wardrobes(some is posted in my journal, if anyone interested), inspired by other have done. I actually did it as a well, before I bought my first dresses, just to trying avoiding rookie mistakes(but ending to do every single one anyway minus 1 or 2).

But that do you think of hypothetical wardrobes? Does it help you coordinate or does not help at all?
Personal I am really visual and I like deconstruct outfits into pieces, which is easier in flat lays, on mannequin or hypothetical wadrobes, than say somebody wearing it.

This is example of one I have made about year ago, there is terrible many ways to do it.Collapse )
Hello lovely people!
So I really love all lolita fashion styles mostly sweet and gothic I only wear sweet tho right now. But I was wondering if there was anything inbetween sweet and gothic lolita where it's still cute with bows and kawaii prints but dark and spooky at the same time, I've heard people mention something called bittersweet lolita but is that a thing I've read lots of confusing junk about it! Anyway I hope people reply to this <3
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