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Theme for March
Please check the community rules before posting or commenting in this community.

egl features a monthly theme, in which everyone is welcome to participate!
Not all community posts have to be on theme; the themes are just to give people inspiration and excuses to post! Everyone is welcome to submit theme ideas in this post. If you want to submit artwork for next months layout, please check this post.

March's theme is Dolls
Victorian porcelain dolls are often cited as one of the main sources of inspiration for lolita fashion, so this month, let's celebrate our roots! We'd love to see your best-dressed dolls, your most charming doll-inspired coordinate, or your cutest doll-like makeup tutorial! Feel free to create your own entry or comment on our monthly theme post.

• Please familiarize yourself with the list of banned sellers/scammers over at egl_comm_sales right here.
21st-Mar-2015 07:05 pm - [sticky post] Newbie Notes- March 21-16, 2015

Hi there, and welcome to this week's edition of Newbie Notes. This is EGL's weekly help thread- please feel free to ask any basic questions here for assistance from our mods and members!

This week, I'll be sharing a guide from one of our mods, milkteamilk, regarding lace quality. Trying to understand the difference between high-quality lace and low-quality lace can be really difficult when you're just starting out in the fashion, so hopefully this post will help steer you away from accidentally buying a lace monster ;)

Take a look at the guide here!

After reading it, if you realize you've accidentally picked up a dress with some questionable lace, don't sweat it- especially if there's only a little bit of lace, it's easy to get away with something that's not the best quality. If you're crafty, you can even use your newfound lace knowledge to replace it with something a bit nicer!

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask them in the appropriate space in the comment thread. Otherwise, the floor is open for any questions regarding the fashion!
I found the brand Neverland on a little while ago, and ended up buying a dress from them. Since no one (seemingly) has done reviews of it before, I thought I'd do a review in case any of you were thinking of buying from them, but were unsure~
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22nd-May-2015 04:20 pm - Introducing myself
Hello everyone,

I'm completely new to LJ and I've lurked on this page now and then and have been wanting to join up, but it's been tough to bring myself to do it. It's a bit of a struggle to come out with my love of lolita, as I'm a dude. I know, I know, brolitas aren't all that uncommon. The problem with me, though, is thanks to the religious environment I grew up in (and am no longer a part of), I've had to hide my love of crossdressing for over 16 years, so I've been "conditioned" and it's taken me some time to come out of my shell. It wasn't until recent years that my awesome wife has helped me open up about it.

I have an obsessive love of collecting girly/cutesy things rather than sexy (and I mean that; my collection of girls' socks is in the hundreds!), so when I discovered the sweet lolita fashion, my heart stopped and I felt as if I found the fashion that I had always yearned for. I'm currently the proud owner of a few sweet lolita dresses, socks & shoes and I can't wait to get more--especially the Milky Planet OP, the first SL dress I discovered. It's hard for me to find something in my size considering I, the tall American male, am a bit larger than the typical Japanese girl. ;P

I would love to be able to post some pictures, but dammit, I'm still a little shy at this. I feel like posting this intro would at least be a good start for me to finally drop my restraints.

Anyway, wanted to say hello to my fellow lolita lovers, as I've never met anyone online or IRL that enjoys this awesome little subculture of ours! I hope to make some friends here. :) (Also, +10 Awesome Points to anyone who can figure out what my username means! So far, no one has.)
Hi everyone! I'm a US lolita who lives near San Francisco, where the Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty and Harajuku Hearts stores are, and I was wondering if it would be helpful to the Lolita community if I offered shopping services? (ie You tell me what you want, and for a small fee I go to their stores and buy it for you).

Is this something you think would be helpful? I know some of the brands ship internationally, but dealing with all the logistics can be a pain...any thoughts? I just thought I'd put the feelers out there and see if there's interest in this.
I am new to the lolita community and honestly I have no clue on how anything here works. But I do have a specific question. About a year ago, I bought Infanta's Cinderella JSK in red.

I really like the blouse it's paired with in this picture, but I have no clue on how or where to find it. Other than the blouse, I have no idea how to coordinate this JSK, nor do I have any idea on how to shop for lolita. Taobao confuses me and I don't really get the whole lolita shopping experience yet. Could someone please help and maybe give some pointers for a noob lolita like me? All answers will be highly appreciated!

P.S. no clue if I tagged this properly! I'm still confused on that one too. So sorry in advance. :c
Excentrique Summer collection "Jolly Roger' Is nearly half finished, but since they release a catalgoue of all their items we're able to see what things are to come

So do you think this usually minmialist brand pulled off pirates, or should they let Alice and the Pirates do what their name suggestions.

If you want to see their whole summer release you can find it here, but since half of the items are already up on the site you can view those here.

Let"s discuss their success or failureCollapse )
17th-May-2015 04:59 pm - Bodyline haul review ~
Hi everyone ! Hope you are doing well !
I made a review of my bodyline haul on my blog, if you are interested, check it there :

Hope it can help ^^
With love, Sheeprincess ~~
Princess Tutu
Hey guys! I'm Myrthafae and I've just recently gotten into lolita. I've been assembling a cord but I'm currently sitting on the fence when it comes to petticoats and in humble need of guidance of you wise lolitas out there! (つД`)ノ
I initially heard a lot of recommendations for Malco Modes and Classical Puppets but recently I've been seeing a lot of posts on forums about the declining quality of their current stock such as the petticoats losing their shape quickly. If anyone knows anything about this or if they have any recommendations, I'll be forever grateful!
16th-May-2015 08:36 pm - Bodyline Dress L144 Help/Oppinion
Hi! ^^ I love this dress Bodyline L144. It is the carousel one. I'm wondering if it could fit a larger bust or not? On lolibrary the lolitas are saying that it fit them just right when they were the measurements of the dress (or smaller) but idk if it could go bigger since it has corset lacing. What do you girls think? O.O
16th-May-2015 06:30 pm - Birthday Haul
Hey again everyone! A little while I go I posted to get help for the coord I would wear on my birthday daytrip to NYC to go to the BABY/AatP/Tokyo Rebel store. I want to thank everyone who helped out, because partly thanks to you guys this day was great! I'm releived today went well because I won't be able to celebrate my birthday on my actual birthday, so this was my pseudo-day I got back a little while ago and after stuffing my face with pizza and rice pudding, I edited the photos I took. Pics and more below the cut:
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16th-May-2015 06:33 pm - There are deaf Lolitas ?
Hello everyone

I post this message to everyone to ask if there are deaf Lolitas?

Why this question? This is because I am the only deaf lolita since 5 years in France, it is not at all easy for me to be alone in the world of Lolitas even though I have friends Lolitas hearing that were there for me

but I really want to know that I would not be the only deaf in this world and I would like to know deaf Lolitas if there.. It's to be able to share my passion, I do not feel any One especially bavander with them in sign language more simply..

That is my only desire to find deaf Lolitas in the world and share my passion with them, I really wish all of my heart

so I hope everyone will see my message. And deaf Lolitas can send me private messages to know me,

Thank you in advance and I really hope that there would be answers..
16th-May-2015 05:58 am - Art post: Doily Circus
My first post in egl in years. Eek ^-^" Been on a hiatus for quite some time. Not that I ever was too active a poster here (^- ^") but made some art posts and I did follow the community regularly. Anyway! Art


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15th-May-2015 10:29 pm - EGL Friday Free For All 5/15
A Chipmunk

Welcome to the EGL Free for All!

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15th-May-2015 12:41 pm - English Charm
Does anyone know what happened to English Charm? It seems like the website is gone. Can someone inform me about it please? I searched for a post on this but it doesn't seem to exist.
I bought this skirt out of impulse two years ago from a Jane Marple store while visiting Japan. Since I have never worn it and have no interested in lolita at this moment, I'd like to sell it. Before that I'd like to find out the name for this skirt or at least the collection or even something to put in to describe it other than lace skirt from Jane Marple.
I bought this skirt out of impulse two years ago from a Jane Marple store while visiting Japan. Since I have never worn it and have no interested in lolita at this moment, I'd like to sell it. Before that I'd like to find out the name for this skirt or at least the collection or even something to put in to describe it other than lace skirt from Jane Marple.

More pictures under cut.

edit// pictures should show now, I had the privacy setting wrong

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Shiro Loli

What's your favorite lolita cameo or character in a movie, tv show, book, or other media? Just wondering. I recently realized there was an lolita-ish character in "X-Men: Days of Future Past", and since I love X-Men and lolita, I don't care how awkward her coord looks, she's totally my favorite lolita cameo (and I really want to know what her mutant power is, if she has one in the script!).

What about you guys? Have you seen a lolita in a commercial, music video, or what-have-you, that you've grown fond of?

12th-May-2015 07:11 pm - What's in the mail?

What have you recieved in the mail lately? Was it a big haul or just a single item?
Tell us about it, post photos or even made a video? Who doesn't love an unboxing!
12th-May-2015 09:04 am - First two coords

Hey im new to lolita and i just wanted some advice on ways two make my two first coords better. I am a gothic/ kuro lolita

First coord.

Second coord.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!! :-)

11th-May-2015 08:19 pm - Monday's FFA

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Welcome to the EGL Free for All! Now also on Mondays! Yay!

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