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Theme for June
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egl features a monthly theme, in which everyone is welcome to participate!
Not all community posts have to be on theme; the themes are just to give people inspiration and excuses to post! Everyone is welcome to submit theme ideas in this post. If you want to submit artwork for next months layout, please check this post.

June's theme is Upcycling
We all know how pricey lolita can be! This month, share your favorite tips for saving money in the fashion. Whether you've found a perfect blouse for mere pennies or discovered a way to transform a simple item into a gorgeous accessory, show us your best tricks! Create your own entry or join the discussion on our monthly theme post.

• Please familiarize yourself with the list of banned sellers/scammers over at egl_comm_sales right here.
1st-Jun-2015 05:09 pm - [sticky post] Newbie Notes- June 1-7, 2015

Hi there, and welcome to this week's edition of Newbie Notes. This is EGL's weekly help thread- please feel free to ask any basic questions here for assistance from our mods and members!

This week, we have an adorable video tutorial for a cute rose headband from YouTube user SecretLifeofaBioNerd! Though this tutorial is a bit old, it seems appropriate to share considering the recent popularity of classic lolita. This would be adorable to match a toned-down classic coordinate, and could even work for a sweet look if you whipped one up in pastel shades!

Check out the tutorial here!

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask them in the appropriate space in the comment thread. Otherwise, the floor is open for any questions regarding the fashion!
29th-Jun-2015 05:44 pm - lace monster
I'm an aspiring comic book author. I'm working on a comic about a lolita in the early 2000's. anyways I was wonder if you guys could help me find a lace monster. it's her first dress. her boss the goddess freya gives it to her in return for killing a giant, but freya thinks lolita is silly and doesn't bother to get her a proper dress so she gets a lace monster. I've browsed the web for a few, but though you guys might know of a really hideous one. my comic is called ride of the valkyries. thanks so much for your help
26th-Jun-2015 11:33 pm - Disneyland Attire???
I know that has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything recent about this.

I'm going to Disneyland with a friend for their birthday. I would really like to be super cute since they have a really cute kodona type outfit put together. I recently acquired the Misty Sky skirt and pink and plan on pairing it with just ankle socks and a cutsew (no petticoat and maybe a straw hat). Would I be able to get away with this, or is Disney still claiming anything lolita a costume??

Again, the only reason I'm asking in a post is because I couldn't find anything posted RECENTLY about this.
In a nutshell...Collapse )
More information

Petition (links to the Spanish, Japanese and Chinese language versions are provided)

Buttcape's account (chronicles John's harassment and how he's tried to control the Houston Lolita community)

This Facebook post (on the page LACE - Lolitas Against Cyberbullying and Exploitation) condemns John's behavior and the fashion show's lack of professionalism and organization.

Ambassador Arthael Walkingshadow announces her resignation from JLA amidst the controversy.

Chokelate (owner of Lockshop Wigs, who provided wigs for this year's fashion show) shares her story on her blog.

Girlyhoot reveals her experience modeling for this year's fashion show on her tumblr page.

Another model shares her story.

John Leigh himself tries to clarify all the accusations against him, only to shift the blame on his accusers.

The JLA's announcing their investigation of Anime Matsuri.

Minori tweets that she will no longer work with Anime Matsuri. It's been translated to English.

The Lolita Collective announces that they won't be returning.

You can also share your experiences on LACE's tumblr page anonymously (with screenshots if available).
24th-Jun-2015 04:58 pm - Your Last Look?
GLB_VOL_13 (5).jpg

What was your last look (that you took a picture of.) Did you go to a meet up or just taking a trip to the store?
Was it a standard 'go-to' for you or did you try something new? Do you like the way it looks or would you change it up?

Show off your looks and let's see what EGL is wearing!
24th-Jun-2015 08:44 am - Japonica Market review - Negative.
Hello everyone, just wanted to write a review about my bad experience with Japonica as they seem to be a recommend Y!Japan\Mbok shopping service.
Tl;dr- Japonica Market will change your shipping form without notice.

Full review after the cutCollapse )

If anyone has recommendations for another Y!Japan\Mbok shopping service feel free to add them in the comments!

This is how we celebrated Lolita Day in LA ! How did your community celebrate? 
22nd-Jun-2015 08:46 pm - Lolita Film and Cinema?
doll, isul
Hello, Lolitas! :) I've been in Lolita for five years, but I've only just signed up to EGL. Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong in posting this, as I'm not so familiar with forums and Livejournal in general.

I was wondering if there are particular Lolita films that you enjoy, or films that have Lolita-like clothes or inspiration in them. Please share your thoughts!

I have one example from the 1970s of a Lolita-like girl, from a French film called Marie Poupée. Unfortunately I can't find subtitles to post here as the video is private, but there is plenty of eyecandy in this film to make it worthwhile if you don't understand French. Jeanne Goupil makes a gorgeous Lolita and also carries a vintage air about her, and all her outfits are exceptionally cute! The story seems rather sweet at first, but as it progresses you can see that it is actually rather sinister; warnings for nudity and violence.

Of course there are also the usual examples, such as Interview with a Vampire, Marie Antoinette and Kamikaze Girls that I enjoy, as well as films and TV with historical settings.
22nd-Jun-2015 08:02 pm - Monday's FFA

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Welcome to the EGL Free for All! Now also on Mondays! Yay!

click this for funCollapse )
I know this is an odd question but I need to write a sample personal essay for my English class and I can't help but think that "I pulled up my petticoat, put on my wig, and thought to myself "Now I'm ready for school." is a pretty eye grabbing first sentence. I probably wouldn't use the phrase lolita specifically but I was thinking of writing about some of my experiences wearing it and other alternative fashions around school. Has anyone else tried this? Also any tips or other ideas for a personal essay? I'm a bit behind schedule so the sooner the response the better. Thanks!
19th-Jun-2015 10:05 pm - Btssb Print Chronology
Tenma, Monster
Hi everyone! Recently I've been looking around for any Btssb print chronologies that people have put together in the past, but I realized that what I have is mostly incomplete. We have a meta print chronology, an AP one, and even an AATP one, so I thought it would be cool to have a complete one for Btssb as well! Baby is my favorite brand by far, so I thought I would give it a go. I don't have the release season or the right order within the years for a lot of these, so I thought I could use the help of egl.Click here for a long, soon-to-be-longer list!Collapse )

Hello! I have always loved lolita fashion and just recently had a trip to japan am was able to pick up some really pretty items! My town is also just about to have its first lolita tea party! Today i decided i wanted to commit to going a more full lolita look. I normally would just wear this outfit but without a petti or blouse but i decided to be brave! How do I look? Any tips?

17th-Jun-2015 11:41 am - Taking a dress from meet up to work.

Three examples on how to style a dress from meetup to work.
Hi sorry I know I did another post about a week ago but I really want to know if this site is ok to shop at. I've found good reviews but I still want to make sure it is ok. Have any of you shopped here? What was your experience?
15th-Jun-2015 07:57 pm - lolita obsesion
Lolita fashion is really pretty and amazing. I look at photos of it everyday and stuff( and read about it) (ad watch countless vlogs). I've only been in to it for a couple of months(like 5 in a half) and I already have ten dresses and skirts(I use ALL of my money on clothes and fabric. I lose other stuff easily) . The problem is my mom thinks I'm too obsesed with the fashion and thinks they are special ocassion clothes even though I wear them almost every day.I like weaing it everyday and now my mom said I cant get any new dresses for four weeks. ( I spend all my money on clothes) I also am too scared to go meetups because I'm 13( going on 14). Any suggestions?
Hello everyone! This is my first time posting and I also recently just acquired my first lolita dress which also happens to be my number one dream dress.

BTSSB Disney's Snow White Ivory OP!

So my friend is a photographer and offered to take photos of me but I really want my coord to be nice so that when I post the photos online they look appealing.

Now presenting a lousy photoshop job I've done of all the items I was thinking I could use together.

15th-Jun-2015 03:28 pm - lolita picture
I was laying down some base color and realized I didn't know what to make of the print on her skirt, polka dots, musical notes, maybe a bunny musicians. can anyone help me out?
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