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July's theme is Vintage
For lolitas on a budget, vintage items are often a godsend: they match the aesthetic of our fashion, and they put even Taobao's prices to shame! This month, share your favorite vintage finds, your best vintage hunting grounds, or your cutest guide for lolifying a vintage piece. If you don't want to make a post of your own, feel free to discuss it with the rest of the community on this post.

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14th-Jul-2014 12:23 pm(no subject)
Good day everyone!
I wonder what place would you recommend for lolita in London? :)
Maybe some cute cafes, shops etc.
I bring call to memory that I heard something about the store resaling Angelic Pretty in London...

Btw if any lolitas want to meet me - don't be shy to send a message! ^^
My FB:
I will visit Hyper Japan on Sunday (27 July).
13th-Jul-2014 07:58 pm - Cincinnati Comic Expo 2014
Hello! I am attending the Cincinnati Comic Expo in September and I was wondering if anyone knew if any lolita or kawaii related events were occurring there. Also, are any other lolitas going? I would love to see some!
13th-Jul-2014 11:33 am - BTSSB NY Openig Help!
Hey girls as everyone knows Baby is opening a store in NY. There's going to be a lot a lolitas going to that opening and some of them are not from the city. Well I'm one of them! XD I am traveling all the way from Puerto Rico and I fell a little lost and I'm not in New York yet. I will be staying in the Carter Hotel from the 16-21,-73.988311,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x89c258549bc310bb:0x5a81fa855ebda5ff
Yes, I know, its kind of far from the store and that's way I'm looking for help :).I have been studying the bus lines but there are so many of them is confusing and I fell I'm going to get lost :(. I want to know if there is a Lolita that knows how to navigate in NY and its close to where I am staying so we can meet up and go to the opening together. Thank You in advanced and see you all opening day. Hope I can make some new loli friends.
12th-Jul-2014 05:45 pm - UC Berkeley/ SF Lolitas?
Hi, I recently attended new student orientation at UC Berkeley and was wondering if there were any lolitas around, since I didn't see any on campus or in the city while I was there.

Also, could anyone share experiences of wearing lolita in places that are typically known as having higher crime rates? I've been in the suburbs all my life and I'm nervous about wearing lolita in other places because I'll stand out even more.
So, I've heard rumors that going blouse-less is not only becoming more acceptable, but is becoming fashionable. JetJ has been doing this for a while, but from what I've gathered, it's starting to catch on. Considering how important a blouse can be to completing a lolita coordinate and the whole modest asthetic, I have to wonder whether this is a trend that'll catch on and stick around for a while (I.E. candy-colored wigs), or if it'll disappear entirely when fall and winter roll around, and it gets way too cold to even think about going blouse-less. I understand some dresses look much better without a blouse under it, but I'd feel naked without one!

What's your opinion on the matter? Will blouses fade out like rockinghorse shoes and solid colored tights did? Is this a temporary thing? Will you let go of your peter pan collar and high-necks for the sake of being cutting edge? Are certain rules being relaxed as time goes on?
Takato Yamamoto - Seiiki
I did reviews of my two most recent taobao purchases. I'm always really interested in knowing the level of quality before I buy something blind online, so hopefully others are too. >w<

( Dear Celine: Fabricated Wings review )
( Ista Mori: Nameless Poem for You review )

Thank you for looking! I hope my review was at least somewhat helpful.
11th-Jul-2014 07:30 pm - Bakersfield lolitas?
So I moved again, and I was wondering if anyone was out here?

Any other places I can find Bakersfield Lolitas? (Facebook?)

Hope to see y'all soon!
I always found myself gravitating more to hats than head bows and while searching for hat storage ideas I found this mini-documentary. It's about Philip Wright a hatter outside London. The full documentary , about half hour, covered how the hats are made, Wright's philosophy and  personal thoughts on why hats were forgotten, and how to select the right hat for yourself and the occasion.  He does have a web store here that ships internationally in case you want to add a hat to your collection. I thought others might be interested in this as well.

So are you more into hats or head bows? Do you have a massive hat collection or none to speak of? 
10th-Jul-2014 04:17 pm - EGL Throwback Thursday: May 2008
day man

This week's TBT is a short one for May 2008, another one I chose just because there are tons of really cute meetup photos still available!

2008 saw brands expanding even more. Baby had just recently released their L size, and Mary Magdalene finally started taking Paypal options. Looking at that old Mary Magdalene post, people are so excited about the ability to get MM, but unfortunately the brand just never took off the way other brands did back then when they finally started shipping overseas and taking Paypal. Obviously MM is a very popular brand, but you simply don't see it in any sort of large amounts on people.


Summer 2008 saw the second volume of the infamous English Gothic & Lolita Bible, which much of EGL thought meant the death of the subculture (for no reason whatsoever), here's a neat post of people talking about the "aftermath". It's kind of funny to look back and see all that drama just fizzle out and be completely and utterly forgotten about later.

In 2008 there was a "Gothic Lolita Tour" which was a pretty typical vacation bus tour but it specialized in meeting some designers and stopping at the Lolita shops. It was a very neat idea that I think, unfortunately, never happened again. You can read the translation of a very confused article about it, or one EGL member's experience.

This was the time where the old school was being pushed aside for the new school, and there were a lot of posts about head bows because of this, I think people were happy to finally stop wearing awkward headdresses, but sort of scared of some of the gigantic bows brands were releasing! I like this goofy post someone made about the superiority of head bows xD

I love seeing all the cute old school (ahah even though they were all so cutting edge at the time!) photoshoots and meetups from this era! Check out this cute cafe one, this fancy Swedish one, this party held at Black Alice, and this one from the then-famous Oregon Lolitas. I've noticed a lot more vivid red in these old meetup photos! It seems like Sweet Lolitas practically never wear vivid reds any more!

10th-Jul-2014 10:07 am - Scared to buy new clothes?
This is something that's been on my mind awhile now and I wonder if there's anyone here who can relate and is willing to share some insight or give some words of comfort.

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10th-Jul-2014 03:15 pm - Aukland Lolitas?
I'm saving up for my first coordinate, and I was just wondering if there's any lolitas in Auckland New Zealand, I have never seen any, so I'm wondering if I will be the only lolita here...
9th-Jul-2014 05:21 pm - Age and Gothic Lolita
Hi...I am very interested in how old is too old to dress in lolita.....I am thinking that aristrocrat gothic style would still suit an older person.....I was born too late for all this as they didnt have it when I was younger......So yeah how old for all the styles...or doesnt it matter? Thanks.....
I just joined livejournal for this community so Im really brand new to livejournal EGL.
9th-Jul-2014 12:20 am - MyeSoul PinkxBlonde Wig Review ❤

Hello everyone ❤
Today, I’m reviewing MyeSoul’s Lolita PinkxBlonde Wig~
(pics in natural light and minimum edition)

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8th-Jul-2014 12:20 pm - Vintage gloves
Just in time for the monthly theme, I finished a small sewing project.

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7th-Jul-2014 04:10 pm - Magic Tea Party floral OP review
Hello! Some time ago I asked about MTP reviews, and now that I've received my dress I made my own review on my blog :D

Hope it will be helpfull! Thank you!
6th-Jul-2014 09:48 pm - Black Prints Discussion Post
It's not a new trend (I think I first noticed it with Honey Cake) but the "big" brands (like meta, baby, angelic pretty, and innocent world) have been making fewer and fewer print releases with a black colorway.

Why do you think that is?

Is it that black is becoming less popular? Are non Gothic brands distancing themselves from Gothic Lolita? Are navy and brown the new black?

How do you feel about it?

Personally, it's a bummer for me since I only wear black. So many releases I have to check to see the color ways when it used to practically be a given that black would be an option.
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