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Theme for November
Please check the community rules before posting or commenting in this community.

egl features a monthly theme, in which everyone is welcome to participate!
Not all community posts have to be on theme; the themes are just to give people inspiration and excuses to post! Everyone is welcome to submit theme ideas in this post. If you want to submit artwork for next months layout, please check <ahref="http://eglmods.livejournal.com/5593.html">this post.</a>

November's theme is Lolita Spaces
What are some of the Lolita spaces in your life? Do you decorate your room or do you have a whole house to trim in Rococo style. Is your style more sweet or classic? Perhaps, your Lolita space isn’t your home but a tea house or other local store? This month is your opportunity to show us your spaces.

Coord challenge is Non-lolita Dress Up
Dress up a friend or relative in Lolita. Take pictures and tell us what they thought.

Please familiarize yourself with the list of banned sellers/scammers over at egl_comm_sales right here.

I love these lolita rooms theme this month. So here is my late contribution to this month's theme.
29th-Nov-2015 04:07 pm - Stock at Physical Store

Just wondering...If an item is sold out on the official websites, could I still find it in the physical stores in Japan?

Thanks :)
28th-Nov-2015 04:57 pm - Lolita meetups
Hi I'm pretty new to the lolita community and I just heard from a friend what a Lolita meetup was and it sounds fun! But where do I find meetups and make friends who are also intrested in Lolita?
28th-Nov-2015 07:37 pm - Monthly challenge!
Hello everyone!

One of my friends Flora always loved lolita, despite being a jeans-and-sweater kind of girl. So when I saw this months challenge, I thought it would be the ideal time to dress up and post some pictures here! She agreed, and when we finally got her and one of my best lolita friends R in the same place -which took nearly the whole month- we got to doll her up.

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24th-Nov-2015 05:00 pm - Accessories?
I'm still kind of new to lolita, but I've found some good shops for clothing, but not so many for accessories. Any recommendations? Any favorites you wouldn't mind sharing?
Heya. So back on the 1st, I had a package ordered from Bodyline. That was a Sunday, so I assume it shipped out that Tuesday, which was the 3rd. It was a really small package, only one skirt, but it's been three weeks and it still hasn't arrived. It was shipped AIR, and I'm in the UK. From what I've read from other UK Lolitas, it's usually about 10-14 days. ...When should I start being worried about it? Any others in the UK have anything to say?

Edit: My friend emailed them, and apparently they haven't even sent it out yet! I literally don't know what's up with that. I'm seriously miffed at the moment.
23rd-Nov-2015 09:39 pm - AP Tea Party Shoes - Old vs. New
Square Me - Regular.

I did a review on old vs. new Angelic Pretty tea party shoes!
23rd-Nov-2015 11:56 am - your last look
GLB_VOL_9 (20).jpg

What was your last look (that you took a picture of.) Did you go to a meet up or just taking a trip to the store?
Was it a standard 'go-to' for you or did you try something new? Do you like the way it looks or would you change it up?

Show off your looks and let's see what EGL is wearing!
22nd-Nov-2015 10:35 pm - Replica vs. Original
Hey guys,

So I'm creating a christmas wishlist of lolita and other like brands. And I came across a website that is mainly replicas. And I realized how UNBELIEVABLY cheaper the replicas were than the originals. And I know that a lot of lolita's hate on other lolita's for wearing replicas, but how do they even know? From my viewpoint it seems it is just a cheaper way for people who don't have loads of money to get lolita. Your thoughts?
22nd-Nov-2015 02:13 pm - My art...

I made some aquarelles in the past 2 weeks...

Hope it's ok to post here... if not i'll remove :)

I hope you like them, concrit is welcome.


Art under here :)Collapse )

21st-Nov-2015 03:35 pm - To wig or not to wig
hello again I was wondering if it was okay to have short hair and not wear a wig when I dress in Lolita fashion , the reason I ask is because I live in always sunny Vista California where the lowest it is , is 75 degrees and when I look up gothic Lolitas I don't really see anyone sporting short hair and I really don't like wearing wigs and so I would like to know if it okay or looked down on .
21st-Nov-2015 01:07 pm - How Do You Make Lolita Friends?
I know this is probably a weird question. But I really want to make some Lolita friends because no one around where I live is a Lolita.

xoxo Kaitlyn
19th-Nov-2015 10:52 am - memorizing prints?!?!
hi. so I'm a few months into being a Lolita and one thing I've noticed is people say print names all the time. and this confuses me a bit. like there are thousands of Lolita prints. do people actually memorize the names of the prints? do they actually have an exact dream dress? because I look at any sweet dress and it becomes one of my favorites.
I'm a fairly new Lolita as far as wearing the fashion goes, but I've been watching the trends for years. I finally (within the last year and a half or so) got the money to buy a few pieces. They're things I like, but, they're all considered "off-brand" by many lolitas (such as FanPlus Friend, whom I actually love).
There are a lot of brand dresses I would love to own, but I'm almost six feet tall, and very muscular (fencing!). Because of this, a lot of what I wear are brands like Bodyline and F+F, because they have custom (or, in Bodyline's case, larger) sizing. AP doesn't make a lot of dresses for people with a 110cm bust. They just don't.
In that regard, I always worry about going to meetups; is it terribly frowned upon to wear less "well-known" pieces like this? I don't want to seem cheap (or like an ita) but I'm also a full-time student at a private university, so my money and time are pretty tight too.
18th-Nov-2015 11:28 am - How to not be Ita
hi everyone, this is my first post and I am so happy to join z(>-<)/ but i have a problem . I just started getting into Gothic lolita and I need help. I want to sew my dresses but I first need to know what not to do in terms of being a Gothic lolita and also how to avoid being an Ita
Lolita has many sub-style from Sweet Lolita, Classic Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Punk Lolita and more~

What's your favorite sub-style and what's the reason?

For me, I love Sweet Lolita~
The cute print and pastel color are so lovely and I couldn't help my self not to buy them.

I also love Classic Lolita because of its elegance and some of the JSK could be used for daily outfit.

How about you? :3
Hello, fellow lolis. I just wanted to share a dress I finished. You older lolis from way back when might remember my post with gray stripe accessories back in 2006. They were supposed to be part of a set I was making called "Gray Stripes" but never got around to finishing. Weelll, I finally finished the dress after almost TEN freakin years of procrastinating. ^^; Talk about late... It's nothing fancy, but I like how it turned out. Anyway, what do you think?

You started this TEN years ago...?!Collapse )
16th-Nov-2015 07:14 pm - Bodyline package shipping question

So i'm a new Lolita (I only own one dress and it's from ebay) and I ordered my first bodyline dress well I ordered two. And it's been two weeks since I ordered them and my package hasn't even left japan yet! They got shipped out on November 3rd, and they were in Chiba for four days, than Tokyo and it's been there for 9 days so far! Last thing it said was "Tokyo Dispatch from outward office of exchange" I live in Canada so how long do you think it'll take to come here? or even leave Japan? And I ordered air mail because of the shipping coasts.
15th-Nov-2015 10:37 am - Repurposing Bodyline?
Moonlight Hero
Hi, everyone! So I had a thought. I have a couple Bodyline dresses that I'm unsure will sell in any capacity (pics below LJ-cut). I sew accessories pretty well, so given how cute the prints are I was thinking of taking the dresses and re-using their fabric to make purses or other small accessories. Anyone else end up re-purposing old/damaged/worn-out/unsaleable/etc. Lolita that way?

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